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... knowing that i followed the precautions but i wasn't that careful when i was washing when some water got into my ear canal , and so that the infection happened ! ... (5 replies)
... I had my first Stapedectomy on my Left ear 10 years ago. ... (11 replies)
... ttle bit anxious. The same day I first used the drops, my ear seemed to pop and get blocked up a little more than usual and I also noticed some intermittent dull pain and pressure that went on and off for about an hour that afternoon. ... (19 replies)

... You are constantly making wax in your ear so there is more wax already there by the next day to help protect your ear from problems. You also have fine hairs in your ear canal too that help to protect it. ... (4 replies)
... On Wednesday I started having pressure in my operated ear and Thursday I started getting pain in the ear. ... (101 replies)
... But sadly, my sinus problem returned today. I have now runny nose, sneezing with mild headache. Though I feel no pain in the ear during sneezings, I just wonder whether it affects anything? ... (18 replies)
... I have had many of the same results listed here, numb tongue, hear heart beat in operated ear, ringing in ear got much louder, etc . But, I have also had some differences. ... (101 replies)
Feb 16, 2004
... My old right ear was supposed to be done under "light" anaesthesia....there was NO anaesthesia and the pain was UNBEARABLE but recovery and hearing restoration went went very well. ... (177 replies)
... The packing is starting to loosen up and move around in my ear canal. Sometimes if I pull on my earlobe the right way the ear becomes unblocked for a second and my hearing opens up and it gets very loud on that side. ... (19 replies)
... t any wax and I know the pressure of my ear is OK because they did that pressure test during my hearing tests. ... (0 replies)
... There is still some pain in the ear canal, but again, that feels like its getting a little bit better every day. There is still some mild pain when I chew and open my jaw up very widely. No bleeding since last Wednesday. ... (33 replies)
... my operated ear but to be honest, I could not hear properly but I can hear sounds through it which at least confirms that I have not lost hearing in my operated ear which is the biggest risk associated with this surgery. ... (141 replies)
... row bigger and bigger and would erode the entire middle ear. The bone erosion would cause the infection to spread into the surrounding area, including the inner ear and brain. if untreated, deafness, brain abscess, meningitis and rarely death can occur. For me, my incus and staples super structure were markedly eroded. ... (30 replies)
... this or not, but if someone can it would be greatly appreciated. I just today got my one ear flushed out by my doc, who told me that I had an excessive amount of ear wax in that ear, although to be honest, I could hear just fine and I didn't have any pain, but he's the dr., so I'm sure he knows best. ... (4 replies)
... same thing happened to me last spring. the audiologist said the plugs may have not remained seated in my ear canal due to the shape of my canals bring curved and not straight. ... (3 replies)
... said there was still a little healing left to do and gave me some antibiotic drops to put in the ear. I am going in next Monday the 8th to have the rest of the ear cleaned out. ... (101 replies)
... well. I have not had any dizzyness at all, which really surprised me after reading others' experiences. My doctor said that I could remove my cotton ball in my ear and dressing on the incision behind my ear after 24 hours, and I did. I must still have some of that gel packing inside my ear because it still feels full. ... (173 replies)
... At the Shea clinic where the Shea tubing was developed, they go through the eardrum. Packing is used inside the ear itself and then on the outside in the ear canal after a vent tubed is placed. ... (178 replies)
... I am only 19 years old, but I have been through more ear trama then most people who are actually born deaf. Your symptom remind me of some that I had. ... (3 replies)
... I am on day 6 post op. Well, I braved the elements and went to my son's basketball game yesterday! My ear is still plugged up, but occasionally loud noises bother me, so I decided to bring ear plugs with me to the game. ... (173 replies)

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