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... if i have the phone up to one ear the other ear will go crazy. i am going back to the dr. on monday, i cant stand this any more! ... (14 replies)
... Hello from the UK. I found this board whilst googling to fin out what's wrong with me. About 3 years ago Istarted experiencing a crackling and distortion in my left ear in direct correlation with loud noise (but not that loud, everyone else could bear it, e.g lots of people talking in a room or a loud crash or bang). My G.P (erm..physician??) couldn't see anything wrong so... (12 replies)
... do get these maddening muscle spasms, but not as frequently as 18 months ago. As far as I know, this procedure got rid of the patulous eustachian tube part of my ear problem. Initially, the Quebec government health insurance plan refused to pay for the procedure. Then, with the help of my family, we appealed the decision. ... (5 replies)

... Your problem may be the tiny muscle between the hearing bones of the middle ear. Years ago, I noticed a funny, whooshing and crackling sound in my left ear while watching a loud movie. It only happened once in a while in a noisy environment. ... (10 replies)
... ext to my ear. It's never been the same since that day. I notice when I eat dairy and also when my stress is up that the fullness or what I call broken speaker crackling sound is more noticeable. Have you found any cure yet? ... (2 replies)
I am now post-op
May 24, 2011
... blood clots. They fill the inner ear with blood clots which the immune system will eventually liquify and it will drain out thru your eustachian tube. ... (21 replies)
... (41 replies)
... Hi everyone, hope you can answer my questions. I'm scheduled to have surgery Feb 10th 2011 (a Thursday morning). I am a college student who will need to be back in class on Monday morning, so I have the weekend to rest at home. Will this be enough time? Also, do you think I will be able to drive the 2.5 hours from my home to college Sunday afternoon? I will have to... (41 replies)
... Sorry Im repeating my post as a new thread, but I've got more to say. Well it's my time to chip in, Stapedotomy, 1.30 am worried it hasnt worked 8 days in. For the last 4 hours I've been trawling through these pages and they've given me great relief. Hi Folks, I'm Malcolm (definately in the middle) from the UK not far from Windsor Castle (no relation), 44, happliy... (0 replies)
... What are these excersises you speak of? (178 replies)
... Thank you for the advice about my daughter and that she should avoid losing any weight. I have been worried about her weight since she told me about her ear popping and crackling. But she is very athletic so burns any fat she has by biking, swimming and running. She is all muscle. ... (178 replies)
... Did you ever get chronic sore throats and ear infections prior to this problem, or where you couldn't swallow due to the ear hurting so much and making such a loud crackling sound? ... (1 replies)
... Hagiograph, glad to hear that your ear is beginning to crack. After a day or two you will be able to hear a lot clearer. I would add that it can take weeks for this to completely clear up. ... (13 replies)
... They sound quite different for me. My right ear makes it sound so much more scrambled and less rythmic. If the condition I'm considering is right, it's called diplacusis, and it often effects musicians. ... (3 replies)
... do take precautionary measures like listing to voice at a low pitch as low as possible, but with problem of clogged ears, I really get frustration. Even I hear crackling sounds often in right ear, which is disgusting. ... (0 replies)
... hi, i had the tendons in the middle ears severed. it has helped but its not all gone. wonder what was in that vertigo heel that helped. the fluttering is myoclonus too..../but the surgery stopped that. where do i get vertigo heel? thanks, lib (6 replies)
... Very frustrating, but if I listened to music really loud, it drowned out the annoying cracks and pops of my ear and I couldn't hear it. Was sort of a relief to be able to listen to a song, except that I didn't like it being very loud. ... (6 replies)
... p the volume on the stereo or when my puppy barks or even at my own voice when I ears kind of make this weird "cracking" sound.Its kind of like something crackling in my ears.What does this mean? ... (1 replies)
... did you have the moving ear drums and popping and crackling? ... (20 replies)
Blocked Ear- Help!
Sep 22, 2003
... i need help with my blocked ear. I now have a blocked ear for a few days and it really hurts. I think i got it my blowing my nose to hard with a tissue and i heard those crackling noses. ... (8 replies)

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