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... lem to several people on here. I went to an ENT doctor in May, and he could see my palate moving...the biggest problem is the noise I have in my ears. The left ear is much worse than the right. However, for the most part, it only happens when I breathe a certain way or say certain sounds. It is not constant. ... (58 replies)
... Has anyone heard of a chronic ear infection that NEVER goes away? ... (3 replies)
... o ENT this month.The Family doc has perscibed decongestants,ear drops,and all of them making it worse! I get so upset over this.The sounds I get through my right ear is almost a vibriting sound,and the sounds are much LOUDER than normal.The dr said it sounds to him like HYPERACUSIS. ... (6 replies)

... absolutley! yes the middle ear muscles can spasm causing all these symptoms. ... (58 replies)
... autophoney is hearing your voice and breathing in your ear loud like a megaphone. my voice was louder but not like a megaphone. ... (58 replies)
... Next week I am having my right ear tensor tympani muscle cut, and then 8 weeks later, my ENT will either cut the stapedial tendon in the right ear also, or if I have relief of symptoms, I will have the same op in my left ear. ... (58 replies)
... middle ear myoclonus, tensor tympani syndrome, stapedialmyoclonus....these are the things you can look up, it can present itself in many ways..... ... (4 replies)
... sounds like myoclonus of the tensor tympani or stapedial muscle in the middle ear (3 replies)
Wierd Ear Problem
Jan 24, 2005
... and if I fill my ear with my finger I can hear it when I push, but not "suck" back out. ... (1 replies)
... I have been experiencing a crackling sound in my right ear for a couple of months now that seems to excited by sound. ... (0 replies)
... (58 replies)
... steroid out there and I knew it was not allergies. Anyway, since there seemed to be nothing wrong with my ear I was happy and willing to accept the diagnosis of TMJ from my dentist. ... (58 replies)
... h TMJ patients, but my problem is I said, you can actually see my palate jumping up and down in the back of my throat, and that is what causes the crackling noises in my ear. ... (58 replies)
... I have had this same ear crackling for nearly 2 years now. I was diagnosed with Chronic Sinusitis. I've tried Everything!!! ... (14 replies)
... this crackling or sound could be myoclonus of a middle ear muscle....look it up. ... (58 replies)
... my right ear seems normal. As far as I can tell I haven't experienced any hearing loss and have no vertigo problems. ... (4 replies)
... I am going nuts because for the past month or so I have had light crackling sound in my right ear off and on. It sounds a little like soap bubbles popping. I am not noticing any other symptoms like vertigo, etc. Does anyone know what this could be? ... (58 replies)
... cracks and feels better for a little while.At any given time I can do this and I get a crackling noise, and it seems somehow the pressure is relieved. ... (3 replies)
Ear noises
Apr 4, 2005
... hi, i can do this with throat muscles....what does your sound like, a snap or pop? crackling? talking causes loud popping or snaping.... i have some sort of myoclonus....going to nih to sort it ou. lib (1 replies)
... some docs do not know what they r doing. i went to a doc at the health center because i have crackling in my left ear when theres preferbaly loud sound. i told him people thought it might be a spasm in my ear and he said what do u mean LOl. ... (1 replies)

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