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... This is my second rupture in 1 year. It will be a week tonight since it has happened again. I am on a 5 day course of antibiotics along with ear drops. I still am having a low temp and the ringing and popping and the crackling, the itching and the pressure is very annoying and painfull. ... (0 replies)
... I have a slight ringing in my right ear but prior to that I had crackling, thumping, itchy etc., etc. Right now I experience a pulsating noise when I bend over or move my head in a certain direction. ... (1 replies)
... Before then I had been to lots and lots of gigs, and listened to music fairly loud through earphones, but never had any real problems, maybe a slight increase in ear sensitivity. ... (8 replies)

... Hello Dominick, I too have had these symptoms for about two months now and it is really having an impact on my day-to-day existence! As a professional musician, you could imagine how it effects me! My symptoms are excited by sound; that is it is not tinnitis. Loud sounds, certain frequencies when whistling or humming or even playing my trombone cause this kazoo-like... (58 replies)
... Hi Lib, we both have similar names and similar problems. I have been keeping tabs on all your posts and I have read your posts on other websites also. I never got in touch before because I did'nt want to bother you. I really need your advice, in 2 weeks time I am booked in to have my stapedial and tensor tympani tendons sectioned. I am really nervous because this is the... (58 replies)
... ger it, but its not constant. i have periods where i dont really have symptoms and dayd where it is more active. they can not see mine move, but hear it snap. my ear will pop really loud sometimes when i talk or swallow. they think a virus damaged some nerves causing this problem. will you have botox again? ... (58 replies)
... Its me again. Just tried what you said about holding your nose and breathing in instead of out and my ear popped and cleared! Unfortunately, I then had a crackling watery sound in my ear and it blocked up again. Anyway, I kept holding my nose and breathing in and eventually it cleared and has stayed clear! Excellent! ... (6 replies)
... I have had crackling and whistling noises in my left ear for several weeks now and it comes with being stopped up and my ears being stopped up. ... (1 replies)
... Have you looked into getting ear tubes placed in to help equalize the pressure inside and outside your ear? ... (58 replies)
... the ear will have packing in it so it will be blocked up, but it reallyis no big deal, after a week to 10 days its fine. ... (58 replies)
... etters m and n I don't hear the snap or clicking sound. My ENT scoped me and the camera showed the palate spasming. Now, about the pet, I only have it in my left ear and I had a very bad case of it last summer where my e.t would stay open for several hours and even lying down would not help. ... (58 replies)
... hi jennifer, yes i was treated for tmj, noticed nothing and my bite is now off too. i get eyelid twitchmes and other strange spasms as well. the a\funny thing is, they can hear my palate snaip, i definately have it in there, but i also have it in the middle ear, i had to cut the tendons because my ears reacted to my voice and outside sounds. i was refering to the spasms for a... (58 replies)
... i am a libby too!!! i did not see where nik asked this question. dont take my report as negative feedback, you see i have middle ear and e tube myoclonus. ... (58 replies)
... Lib, As soon as I receive the info from Dr. Poe about the newer procedure for palatal myoclonus I will let you know. I have had this for about a year now although the autohpony started earlier, about 19 months ago. I really don't know what caused it-wish I did. The autophony prior to the injections is the same as it was 19 months ago. I just had a period where it went away... (58 replies)
... nterested in the info dr poe is sending you, must be newer since i saw him. he figured out my issues and my dr here took over, i have the myoclonus in the middle ear as well as e tube. please share the info when you get it. ... (58 replies)
... I also been suffering from an ear problem in my left ear for about 2.5 years. My symptoms mostly include a popping when I burp or yawn and a constant clicking at night when I swallow. ... (58 replies)
... I have had this problem for a long time now, my hearing seems to be good in my left and right ears, but my left one makes this crackling sound, along with and unuasual sensation whenever there is a loud noise around..... It kinda reminds me of a broken speaker! ... (2 replies)
... Hi there, i read ur post & i've a suggestion. Go see a ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) specialist if u can, since the GP is unable to do so & u need to reassure urself. i'm not saying bad about ur GP, though. pls don't get offended. u've a question; if A can't give a solution, mebbie u should use B. (6 replies)
... just in the last week or two, i have developed a problem in only my left ear. you know the motion you go through when you wiggle your ears? flexing whatever muscles it is, im not sure, but either way, when i do that, and i hold it for a second or two, there is this scratching/static sound and sometimes popping also. interestingly enough, it only seems to do it right after i... (2 replies)
... I have had ringing in my ears for years, but the last couple of months i hear noises and crackling in my ears. When i move my eyes or head left or right i hear whooshing noises, and have had dizzy spells and almost fainting at times. ... (1 replies)

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