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Hearing problem?
Dec 19, 2009
... what is causing it so I was wondering if anyone know what could be causing it. The question is when I am exposed to loud sounds and sometimes no sound my right ear makes a crackling sound and that sound blocks off the noise. I have no idea why it does it, but its very annoying. ... (0 replies)
... I am suffering from dynamic eustachian tube dysfunction in my left ear. Symptoms vary from a plugged tender feeling, snapping, crackling while swallowing to twitching and thumping sensations in that ear. ... (1 replies)
... Well..the doc at the university health center must of didnt know swat lol...because my Left ear is still crackling. doc said eardrum and no infection. said it was wax and that it should stop. it still hasnt. still cracking to loud noise then stops.. ... (0 replies)

... Help! I have had PET for 14 months now and am going crazy! I had a nasty ear infection in my right ear which required a ventilation tube and, long story short, after everything cleared up I was left with PET in my right ear (it is open all the time). I also experience PET in my left ear (briefly, but usually will close right up). I also have crackling/popping/etc.. in both... (0 replies)
... there are a lot of ys out there like this, what triggers the crackling and popping? ... (14 replies)
... well of course. You're being tortured day and night. Anxiety doesnt cause ear problems, but ear problems certainly cause anxiety. I was on xanax and effexor all summer and really thought i was going to lose it permenantly. ... (20 replies)
... Hi there I had a stapedectomy on my right ear 3 weeks ago and I am wondering if anyone knows if you can dislodge the prosthesis from blowing your nose... ... (3 replies)
I am now post-op
May 25, 2011
... I've had no crackling or popping, just a steady plugged feeling that I've had since January when I fell. Some days the ear feels fluid filled and a little more plugged than normal, but a decongestant seems to help that feeling. ... (21 replies)
... lept fine without it. Since then I've had no pain. Just the popping, and fullness everyone else describes. I call mine "crunching" because to me it sounds like a crackling paper or plastic bag. ... (23 replies)
... in prison. I know that permanent tubes wont be my answer because when I went for the tubes last week, the doctor had a very hard time getting them into my tiny ear canals. He had to push and prod and I think that is why my own Eustachean tubes are now irritated once again. ... (14 replies)
... I had a stapedectomy surgery in my right year in February 1982 at age of 25 in Kuwait government hospital and lost hearing to the right year completely, now what I am hearing is only with the help of left ear. I am now 52 years old, is with one another operation, is it possible to get my hearing back (17 replies)
... (17 replies)
... I had stapedectomy surgery in my left ear in August 2008 and it went exceptionally well. The hearing in that ear is better than what was expected. ... (17 replies)
... bout 5 or 6 months now with what many of you are descibing. It all began for me when I took a plan trip for work and suffered a great deal of pressure in my left ear on decent. I experienced a popped ear drum several years ago in college also while flying on a plane. ... (14 replies)
Help has arrived!
Sep 23, 2003
... Hey everyone, I wanted to let you all know that since my last post (regarding fluttering, crackling, static-like sounds in my right ear) I have been frequently visiting many ENT doctors and finally have been diagnosed with a disease that is very hard to find. This may be why a lot of you are actually having difficulties with ENTs because the condition is very hard to... (4 replies)
... Dr. Poe will put in another plug in June to go with the one that is already there. So my left ear will have two silicon plugs in it and the right one, the calcium injected ear will have the Shea silicon tubing, if we decide on that for sure. ... (178 replies)
... so then I closed my hand over my left ear...a faint ringing...none in the right ear. Then when I would say certain words with a higher frequencey, it was if my ear was "beeping" with every syllable coming out of my truly sounded like someone punching a telephone key pad in my ear. I came home and went to bed... ... (0 replies)
... Spondee" has a check mark beside it and for right ear it says 10 db. For left ear it says 0 db. ... (25 replies)
... did notice a loss of taste on my tongue and a bit dizzy but I attribute it to the anesthesia. I woke up on Tuesday and noticed that my hearing had decreased and crackling noises starting to happen. The day went by with hearing increasing and decreasing throughout the day and into Wednesday. ... (3 replies)
... off for about an hour that afternoon. I dont think this is anything to be concerned about though, probably just some drainage of fluid or whatever else is in my ear canal that got loosened up by the hydrogen peroxide. ... (19 replies)

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