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... muscle relaxants, anti seizure drugs or surgery.... i had surgery in my right helped. good luck, lib (3 replies)
... tion. It looks like you've pointed me in the right direction. What is unfortunate is that there seems to be no easy cure at the moment. Perhaps I'll go see an ear specialist to get a better idea of what it is and what can be done. ... (3 replies)
... I have this strange spasm inside my left ear only when I listen to music at low levels. It's like my eardrum is twitching. I don't notice it when I listen at louder levels. ... (3 replies)

... On January 11 2001, life as I knew it ended. My left ear was plugged with wax, I could not hear and it was very uncomfortable. I went to the Walk In Clinic, hoping that the doctor would flush it out. ... (7 replies)
... i can certainly understand what you are going through, i have myoclonus of the e tube and middle ear, severing the tendons in the middle ear has helped some, please look back on my posts. this beast is different in everyone, but scince yours is only at night a muscle relaxer might help. ... (2 replies)
... appear to be doing any damage and that my hearing is still fine, and while thats good news, I cant believe that Im just supposed to keep dealing with this insane ear problem whenever I am trying to get some sleep!! ... (2 replies)
... look up stapedial myoclonus or tensor tympani myoclonus, its a muscle spasm. any other symptoms? lib (3 replies)
... ust easier than trying to talk over the music and noise of the cappucino machine. I can talk if I have to but by the time I get home from just 4 or 5 errands my ear seems worse from all the increased volume of trying to communicate. ... (34 replies)
... For the past year and two weeks, I have been living with a defective eustachian tube. First, there was horrible popping in my left ear. Other times the left ear would feel plugged and tender. Then, the popping almost went away, only to be replaced by these maddening muscle spasms. ... (34 replies)
... Now, it seems a problem from the early months of my left ear injury has returned. Without warning, the eustachian tube slams open and shut, popping the ear drum. THIS IS UNBEARABLE, driving me insane, ruining whatever I am doing. Just like the myoclonus attacks. ... (0 replies)
... ear. Sometimes this even happens in my good ear. Two days ago, I was awakened by a thumping sensation in my good ear. This lasted for ten seconds. Then, my left ear began twitching and thumping, first mildly, then severely to the point where it kept on thumping with my ear drum moving back and forth. ... (2 replies)
For IAC Karen
Dec 11, 2001
... knowing that there is someone out there who cares. My ENT believes that the patulous ETD I suffer was caused by botox injections I received to alleviate muscle spasms in my middle ears. Three weeks ago, I had surgery where the offending muscles in my left ear were cut. ... (1 replies)
... Having had a particularly two promising days, followed by five days of the muscle spasms getting worse, I lost all my wits and sanity. ... (2 replies)
... rn who cares about you and who does not. i am sorry your husband is like that.i pray every night for an answer, have not got one yet. hang in there! you know the ear drum sucking in and out is what i get also, this is why i think mine are to open. there is only one dr. ... (143 replies)
... that is a muscle spasm in the ear, the stapedial and or the tensor tympani. lib (7 replies)
... i have also been getting this probem, it comes and goes. it feels like an echoy whooshy drum being banged in my ear, at first i though it was an insect in there but the doctor said there wasnt. it is worse when im lying down and my ear is to the pillow. ... (7 replies)
... oud because it aggrivates the pet, no i dont notice people doing that but anyone i talk to knows what i am going through so maybe thats why. i am having horrible spasms in my right ear right now, do you ever get that, spasm of the ear drum over and over. ... (34 replies)
... muscle spasms inside my eustachian tubes sending shockwaves against my ear drum stop. If I can't stop the thumping, I will go crazy. I will be a danger to myself. ... (7 replies)
... u feel. I am with you. Yeah, I get wierdo sensations in my eardrums too. Like the noises bounce of of surfaces and I cant tell where they come from. I get like a drum roll noise in there sometime and they feel like the suck in and out. Just like you. So your CT shows no TMJ? ... (143 replies)
Opaque Eardrum??
Apr 11, 2004
... Thanks for the response. I went to my MD yesterday to confirm the opaque ear. He said it is opaque but he also said a normal drum can be like that. He said the light reflex was normal, glistening and otherwise normal. ... (2 replies)

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