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... I don't have no inner ear problems because tests show inner ear pressures are normal, so no fluid leaks in the inner ear, no meneries disease, or any other inner ear problem. ... (10 replies)
... anything is possible, but i doubt you have 2 very rare disorders, just as i doubt i do. i believe it is all related to 1 disorder. look up dr timothy hain, he describes a palatal eye type of myoclonus, sounds like myo to me. hyperacusis is a sever intolerance to sound. myo causes a sensitivity that can be sever but not to all sound. i am not convinced you have true... (10 replies)
... hi jenny, i also live in nova...springfield. i hate to share my horror with you but i can tell you i have seen dr. fitzgerald more than once, he was one of the worst drs. i had seen, in fact, he basically told me i was crazy and needed meds. he was the biggest waste of my time, and insurance money. so with that, i recommend you see dr sismanis in richmond or dr poe in... (66 replies)

... When I touch my ear or side of my face, my eardrums suddenly start to flutter, also certain loud sounds cause this......could it be middle ear myoclonus? ... (10 replies)
... Hi annarayne, I have the same thing sometimes and I also have ringing in my ear. What you are describing sounds like you are having a muscle spasm. Does it flutter, kind of vibrate? The sound you hear is called tinnitus, you can look it up on the web. This is a harmless condition and will not hurt you. Make an appt with an ENT and tell him your concerns. Don't be surprised... (6 replies)
... sleeping the first few nights because of the medication. I was taking Methyiprednisolone which was keeping me awake, but I'm still taking Avelox and I have some ear drops as well. So, by early Wednesday morning I had, had enough of not feeling tired, yet, I was so exhausted that I could barely think. ... (4 replies)
... Can it occur without pain and without any infection and when doctor says that the ear apparently looks fine. ... (19 replies)
Ear flutters
Jan 18, 2001
... aving the same problem today! It sure is weird. I've had ringing in the ears before...but this is totally different. I also noticed that the muscles around my ear seem to tense when the flutter occurs. I don't know which comes first though, the tension or the flutter. Hopefully someone has an answer. ... (12 replies)
... mine was a very complex case, i have myoclonus in the middle ear and e tube. ... (4 replies)
... Hi I have had PET symptoms for 11 years, the autophony and breathing sounds, my ear is normal most the time and then it cracks and clicks and I get the PET symptoms, then I will try to get rid of it by pressing up under my neck and tilting my head etc.. Moving my jaw from eating and talking will sometimes cause the click and bang I get the symptoms, sometimes my ear is good... (36 replies)
I just dont know
Sep 30, 2004
... look into tmj, and or middle ear myoclonus. ... (1 replies)
... Lib: Put it this way. I have had such a bad day today with anxeity, that I am not even an overly religious person, but I went to my church all alone in the face of God and begged for an answer to end this Hell I have to live with. I dont know what to do anymore either. One guy say it is TMJ and another says it is ears and sinus. One guy says it is fluid in the etubes and the... (143 replies)
... can you breath in and make your ear drums flutter? ... (143 replies)
... Thanks for writing:) Did cutting the tensor tympani tendon stop your autophony? Can you please tell me about your autophony? Voice Autophony? Eating/Chewing Autophony? Breathing Autophony? Heartbeat Autophony? (4 replies)
I just dont know
Sep 29, 2004
... tubes were working ok...well if they were why do i have to keep popping my ear aqnd why is everything so loud and why do i feel so dizzy and sick... ... (1 replies)

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