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... t hear what people say to me, but I found a clinic here in Tennessee and they send me to an ENT specialist last week where I finally had a real examination on my ear done. I was happy, but the outcome was bad. ... (1 replies)
... I know someone who has has a number of major ear surgeries including a plastic eardrum, the first one in Canada. ... (14 replies)
... Of course you may ask questions! I am happy to help with anything I can. I am sorry to hear about your other ear and the neuroma. First, I just know that this will not be permanent for you. That is exactly how I felt. I know it is so distressing! ... (10 replies)

PET and Dr.Poe
Feb 21, 2005
... Hi there phoebe, i have had probs with Pet for many yrs now and mainly in one ear. I have that itchy feeling in the bad ear and it is very annoying. I sometimes also describe it as a ticklish feeling. It feels like that, very deep inside the ear and even up in the back of the palate. ... (7 replies)
... How much longer do I need to plug my ear when showering ? ... (0 replies)
... for over twenty years! At times I have felt like screaming and had cried myself to sleep many times, due the discomfort and blocked feeling and echoing sound in the ear. ... (14 replies)
... This is typical of PET. ... (36 replies)
... ches, in stead of more. With me, it seems to work that way. Once you cannot change things anymore, you just have to surrender, and trust the doctor. And dr. Poe is a good doctor to trust. He will make things better, not worse. Please let us know how you are. ... (178 replies)
... Hi Narenabi, (21 replies)
... I underwent Stapedectomy on 4th May 2010,I still have mild dizziness and I cannot actively involve in my work.The ear seemed to be packed up fully and I can hear very very feebly.I am a teacher . ... (21 replies)
... I have posted off and on, on this board since last summer seeking information that would help me get a diagnosis for my sudden hearing loss that happened early last summer. My symptoms included autophony(echoing of my own voice), sudden low frequency hearing loss, reverberation and distortion of low frequency sounds. I tested positive on an ecog for hydrops and my diagnosis by... (0 replies)
... I had tubes put in my ears several times and it never relieved the problem. It made me feel worse. The echoing of my voice got worse and I still felt like I needed to pop my ears. Very uncomfortable! ... (14 replies)
... ar my breathing or heartbeat. The only possible time might be that while walking uphill exerting myself breathing through y mouth, I have experienced the loudest echoing of my own voice. It was so loud I could not hear my words as I talked to my friend. However, I could hear my friends voice clearly without noticeable echo. ... (36 replies)
... I think the grommets are responsible for the echoing voice. That's the thing that hasn't improved. I won't really be sure until after I get my new appliance for the TMJ, which is four weeks away. ... (10 replies)
... I have just read some other posted notes about echoing in the ears...especially when speaking. I am experiencing that same effect you spoke of...hearing your own voice and heartbeat. ... (143 replies)
Jan 22, 2004
... Right now I am really concerned. I feel as if I am talking and hearing in a tunnel. I am hearing so much echoing in my operated ear.It is the weirdest sensation. It is uncomfortable and odd to even talk louder than a whisper. I also have that very full feeling. ... (177 replies)
... if you read my posts my whole story is there, i will try to give the short story......i had so many horrific symptoms.... ... (58 replies)
... which is the pinyin English name on all the packages. The contents from each bottle or packet vary according to when they were prepared. ... (22 replies)
Jan 26, 2004
... Currently i have popping in my ears every time I swallow and my voice seems to be vibrating in my head. This is something I only hear though. The echoing is driving me crazy, but I will tolerate it if the end result is good. ... (177 replies)
... ill for about 2 and a half years and yet it has not gone away! My symptoms come on around mid day usually at lunch, or anytime I workout or I get nervous. What is different with me is that when my tube opens I get mucus actually going into the tube. Therefore my symptoms wont leave until I am able to suck out the mucus. ... (34 replies)

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