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... t happen either Only when standing up. Here is my concern... One of my friends going thru the Air Force flight training told me that it can be a tiny perforation leaking air thru the ear drum making it squeak... I can't have a perforation in any ear before going in military, that is disqualifying. ... (10 replies)
... I'd take any ear problem seriously, as they're easier to prevent than to fix. ... (1 replies)
... Greetings board! So glad to find you all. My 1st post. Tues Aug 9th right ear stapedectomy Wed very dizzy, nausea. Thurs got better,by end of night much better. Fri morn even better, released. Fri night took a turn for the worse. Dizzyness returned, vomited repeatedly. Surgeon thinks i may have a loose seal. I may have done a no no and by blowing my noze, however... (9 replies)

... and I have stopped wearing hearing aids in both my ears because my good ear compensates the loss in my right ear. ... (9 replies)
... r...I can honestly say that your brain needs to relearn alot again. I found that focusing was my biggest issue. If there was an ac on and a person ear wanted to focus on the ac.. totally normal too... but now I am better with sitting in a room with several things on and focusing in on what I want to hear. ... (9 replies)
... Hi, Today is day 3 post op. & I'm still getting about one soaked cotton ball a day. At night time it feels itchy & like fluid is running out of my ear. I'm a bit dizzy but mainly if i move too fast. I can no longer hear anything out of my operated ear. I'm going to patiently wait (i have no choice) until the packing is removed. The packing comes out on day 14 (11 days to... (9 replies)
... Hi Catie! Yesterday I forgot to mention that do not let water enter your operated ear for at least three weeks and even afterwards until doctor expressly tells you that the wound they made has completely healed and that you are allowed to allow water into your ear.It simply means that you cannot go swimming and even have to be very careful while taking a shower. (9 replies)
... the first day and will come back in around a week or 10 days but please don't blow your nose,if need to sneeze do it with open mouth,do not sleep on the operated ear and do not lift weights and be positive and hope for the best and patience is what is needed. ... (9 replies)
... It all occurs after I go to see a music concert. I've done this with no problems for years, and yet 9 times out of 10 recently my ear is swelling slightly, and it leaks a watery wax. ... (1 replies)
... Hi Catie! Do not worry much because if it were not a hard blow, you must be alright but be careful in future.First 21 days are very important so always keep in mind that you have had an operation.It is good policy to request somebody around you to keep reminding you that you are not supposed to do certain things.Otherwise when you feel alright and you do not have... (9 replies)
... felt my ear pop slightly. I hope i didn't mess anything up. I don't feel any more dizzy than before the blow but now I'm scared. ... (9 replies)
... been dizzy or nauseated. My hearing still seems better than it was but I have a pack in my ear which will come out in two weeks. I'm very hopeful that I will be able to hear normal once again! ... (9 replies)
... Hello, my name is Kelly Swan. I am hoping someone out there has had the same experience as I have, as I do not know what else to do. I am 34 years old and until late August have never had any problems with my ears until now. In late August I went to outpatience cause I was experiencing alot of presure and hear difficulty. At that time I would have to pop my ears... (2 replies)
... I will try and keep this short, haha! I had my left ear stapedectomy done last Feb and all went fine. I had my right ear done Jan 5th. I was just as sick afterwards as I was for the first one and dizzy in bed for 7 days like the first one. ... (7 replies)
... My "leaking air" ear has now disappeared, which tells me that the holes in my eardrums are probably closed up. ... (178 replies)
... a little bit, in my operated ear. If I hum in a loud room, I also hear it pretty good in the plugged ear. I have noticed a little creaking and popping in that ear when I rotate my jaw as well. ... (49 replies)
... Our stories are almost alike..I had my first stapedectomy in my right ear 17 years ago and this past Dec. it just stopped working one day. My doctor was going in to do a revision and reattach but did another stapedectomy. ... (7 replies)
... I have had a few episodes of autophony in my left ear since the surgery, which is disheartening. But so far today, Friday, both ears feel pretty good. ... (178 replies)
... Are you making sure that you wear ear plugs when you shower and swim so that water does not get into your ear canal? ... (1 replies)
... to what you are describing and I know you must be in agony. I experience this loud thudding in my ear that only occurs when I am on the verge of dowsing off. I be about to fall asleep, and than a single, loud THUD occurs. ... (2 replies)

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