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... hi jen, i can relate to a ton if not almost all symptoms. one thing you need to figure out is do you have true autophony? do you hear your voice loud like a megaphone? i do think dr poe and sismanis can get to the bottom, a huge clue here is that the botox helped, it would not help in a case of p e t and botox can actually cause pet if the muscle is frozen too much. the fact... (58 replies)
... s well as others for some time now. I was hoping you might be able to give some advise if your still out there. I, like many others have been suffering with many ear symptoms for a long time with very little help from any doctors. I have been misdiagnosed and treated for many things that I don't have. ... (58 replies)
... g from a loud ringing in both ears for the last month. It seems to have started with a plane ride where my ears did not pop on descent. I felt a pain in the left ear as the plane landed. ... (9 replies)

... The high pitched squeel lasted pretty much all day yesterday but this morning it's gone. I had some pain in the ear last night and ended up taking a pain pill. ... (352 replies)
... I had sinus surgery in Feb. ... (52 replies)
... hi, well i am here for you, if your husband is not. i will check the tmj route, but the clicking sound is coming from the roof of my mouth, kinda in the sinus. i think it is the e. tube. i think mine are to open, 2 dr.s have said that. can you breath air up into your ears? i will try or do anything to get out of this hell, even boston, he specializes in eustachian tube... (143 replies)
... I"m on day 20 post op. I had written the other day with my concern about the opening and closing feeling in my ear and how it was popping in and out of hearing fine and then sounding like a distorted speaker. I'm happy to report that it has completely subsided. ... (173 replies)
... hi, yes i smoke, i bet that makes it far worse. i dont think mine is congestion, i think it is to open, no one will listen to me and i am in despair, i will have to take the meds, i am afraid i will never get out of this depression, it is aweful. i am going to a great dr. i really like him, he is the best dr. i have ever seen, bedside manner and all. i just wish i knew if i... (143 replies)
... that kind. I have seen numerous ENT's and MD's internists, you name it. Bottom line with me, fluid in the right ear, some in the left, swollen sinuses, clicking popping TMJ, who knows what is causing all this crap, so antibiotics failed. Not infected..........wish it was, just take a pill for 10 days and it is over with. ... (143 replies)
... loses right. they did not do that to me. most ents do not know how to look for this properly. i have read a lot, look up patulous e tube on the hearing and inner ear threads, you will find some that refer to dr.poe he video tapes your e tube to determine if you have it. ... (143 replies)
... head. You can have what they call referred pain, from one place and feels like it is somewhere else. The feeling in the back of your throat is probably your jaw popping and dislocating. I have had it for a year and still have the symptoms. ... (143 replies)
... I did watch tv in the evening, but I slept all day until then. Walking around that day was slow going and I held on to walls, furniture, etc. I had a lot of popping in the ear the first day and it was very startling, but apparently very normal. ... (352 replies)

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