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... very healthy. The think I started doing differently was popping several allergy pills and nasal decongestants. Anyhow I got a horrible case of sinusitis where my ears were crackling so loud that I couldn't sleep. I guess my eustachian tube had been clogged up. ... (6 replies)
... could be a lot of things, but its the muscles in my case i believe, any other symptoms? (5 replies)
... For a long time now, I have a feeling like my ears are always clogged, and by sort of moving my throat in such a way, or plugging my nose and breathing out, i can constantly pop my ears. ... (5 replies)

Crackling in Ears
Apr 15, 2014
... On and off for years I have had occasional bouts of crackling in my right ear, seemingly unrelated to movement or external stimuli. Of late it has become worse, crackling maybe for 5 secs, then silent for maybe 30 secs. Sometimes it can go almost continuous for hours or days. ... (0 replies)
... (6 replies)
... See an ENT. (6 replies)
... hi jen, i can relate to a ton if not almost all symptoms. one thing you need to figure out is do you have true autophony? do you hear your voice loud like a megaphone? i do think dr poe and sismanis can get to the bottom, a huge clue here is that the botox helped, it would not help in a case of p e t and botox can actually cause pet if the muscle is frozen too much. the fact... (58 replies)
... d when leaning forward, stiffness in neck, shoulders and jaw, fatigue, lightheadedness, throbbing nostrils scalp sensitivity, clicking noises when speaking , and ears crackle with loud sounds. I know, it seems ridiculous to have so many symptoms. You seem like your very well versed in this area. ... (58 replies)
... This has worked marginally at times but I am still constantly annoyed and uncomforted by my ears crackling and popping all the time! ... (14 replies)
... Well I went to the doc...actually for my skin, and asked him to look in my ears regarding them making crackling noices. He looked in side and said he couldn't see any wax and that it must be mucus or some build up lower down inside the ear. ... (6 replies)
... I too am experiencing the same crackling sensation in my right ear. It is particularly noticable in situations where I have to speak sounds almost like a raspy stereo speaker. ... (58 replies)
... ber my filling was loose a couple of years back so I made and emergency appointment to the dentist. This was precisely around the time I started noticing all the crackling and was experiencing the Nausea. Anyhow, he drilled my filling and repacked it and that was it. Well my new ENT thinks there might be a correlation there. ... (6 replies)
... I've got crackling in both ears, its caused by swallowing, opening and closing my mouth wide, yawning and sometimes head movements. ... (58 replies)
... What is a crackling sound in my ears (0 replies)
... h TMJ patients, but my problem is I said, you can actually see my palate jumping up and down in the back of my throat, and that is what causes the crackling noises in my ear. ... (58 replies)
... Yes, I get a snapping sound from my palate. It feels like a quick pull in my ears (now only the left since botox) and sounds like a snap. It's only brought on when talking or blowing out air as if blowing out candles on a birthday cake. It is not constant, I have to talk to trigger it (thank God:). I don't get the clicking noise (snap) when saying M's or N's though. I'ts... (58 replies)
... hi jen, i am not a dr, but in my opinion i do not think it is likely to develop 2 very rare conditions at the same time, i think one condition causes the symptoms. did they see your palate move jen? dr poe told me that myoclonus can cause p e t like symptoms, and that makes sense. they think mine was caused by a virus thar attacked the cranial nerves. i was very tired from... (58 replies)
... my left ear and have never had it in my right. It has gotten worse in my left since the botox though. The botox did help my right ear as far as the clicking and crackling are concerned. There is still pressure though. As far as what caused all of this, I only wish I knew! ... (58 replies)
... When i open my jaw really wide, I hear and feel this crackling popping noise, and it feels like it opens my ears a little. But only for a second. So I end up doing this over and over... ... (14 replies)
... When i open my jaw really wide, I hear and feel this crackling popping noise, and it feels like it opens my ears a little. But only for a second. So I end up doing this over and over... ... (35 replies)

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