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... look into middle ear myoclonus, it could be the muscle spasming. good luck. lib (1 replies)
... When I hear a loud sound,like when my bf turns up the volume on the stereo or when my puppy barks or even at my own voice when I ears kind of make this weird "cracking" sound.Its kind of like something crackling in my ears.What does this mean? ... (1 replies)
... I have a perforated eardrum in my left ear, which the doctor claims to be of smaller in size, but often my ears gets clogged whenever I shampoo my hair, which the doctor had prohibited to do so. ... (0 replies)

... I am new here and have read all posts. I have cracking in my ears and looked up info on net. I thought it was "normal" as they have been cracking since childhood. I asked my Mom and she said, "everyone has it.? ... (58 replies)
Ear crackling
May 23, 2011
... Hey everyone, I am in desperate need of some help. For the past three days I have been having some crackling in my ears. The weird part is, it only occurs after hearing a loud noise directly in my ear. ... (1 replies)
... (58 replies)
... Hi, I'm Esther. I became aware of a crackling in my left ear about Sept '07 and thought nothing of it. Became progressive louder and more often. ... (58 replies)
... t symptoms came from the middle ear, i had the tendons cut and that helped a ton. my other symptoms are from the etube, it spasms and i get snapping, popping and crackling in the ear, with talking and swallowing when its acting up, so its not constant. i also have a snapping sound from my palate sometimes, do you get that? ... (58 replies)
... this crackling or sound could be myoclonus of a middle ear muscle....look it up. ... (58 replies)
... I am going nuts because for the past month or so I have had light crackling sound in my right ear off and on. It sounds a little like soap bubbles popping. I am not noticing any other symptoms like vertigo, etc. ... (58 replies)
... e to be loud it just happens and its really annoying because the static blocks out all other sounds, when i had my physical a few weeks ago the doctor checked my ears and didn't say anything was wrong. ... (9 replies)
... Is it both ears or just one? ... (1 replies)
... what is TMJ? and also, its only in my left ear. would that still be a possibility if its not in both ears? (2 replies)
... I may have ETD, but two ENTs say everything is fine. I do have tinnitus and I know stress exacerbates that. I also have the crackling noise that I see lots of people on the forum have as well. But there are some things I need help with as to what might be going on. ... (4 replies)
... absolutley! yes the middle ear muscles can spasm causing all these symptoms. (58 replies)
... ms. I first saw an ENT since I was sure there was something wrong with my ear. The tests showed so significant hearing loss or ET dysfunction. He looked in my ears and said the fullness was just due to allergies. ... (58 replies)
... the remains of fluid that has dried in the ears leaving a residue which creates the crinkling or popping sound. ... (58 replies)
... Wow... I am glad I read your post. Here is my story. I've had this problem for the past 2-3 years, and last year was the ultimate worst. At least, 5-6 times I had to go into Urgent Care (like an outpatient mini-ER clinic) in our suburb because the pain was so excruciating in my ears. And, the pain alternates between both ears. So for me, I have it in both ears. ... (35 replies)
... A few days ago I had a bad cold that when I woke up in the night I could feel drainage in my ears. They were sore and clogged so to say. This has not gone away since then. I have crackling and popping in both of my ears and fluid build-up. I have not been to the doctor yet. I do not think I have any hearing loss or problems that I am aware of. Is this an infection? (0 replies)
... Dizziness then crackling in ears an popping followed by tinnitus a few days later. Never went away unfortunately. I have heard if you have in longer than 3 months it's considered chronic... ... (3 replies)

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