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... meg, if they see the palate moving then palatal myoclonus is causing a lot of your symptoms, some of the ear symptoms could be from the middle ear tendons as well, or the e tube......i would try a local neurOTOligist, then travel if need be. lib (58 replies)
... Hi all, I read through these posts last night, and I definitely have a similar problem to several people on here. I went to an ENT doctor in May, and he could see my palate moving...the biggest problem is the noise I have in my ears. The left ear is much worse than the right. However, for the most part, it only happens when I breathe a certain way or say certain sounds. ... (58 replies)
... Lib, Thanks for the note. Next week I am having my right ear tensor tympani muscle cut, and then 8 weeks later, my ENT will either cut the stapedial tendon in the right ear also, or if I have relief of symptoms, I will have the same op in my left ear. I just got a little worried when you said you still had symptoms. What is autophony? I was going to type it into a... (58 replies)

... Hello Libby, O.K., so I received the info from Dr. Poe and I have to say I'm more confused now than ever! In my first email to him I told him I had pm and he said botox was a good starting point to identify the problem and get a correct diagnosis. In my second email to him I must have mentioned that the clicks were triggered by speech (although I thought I mentioned that... (58 replies)
... funny thing is, they can hear my palate snaip, i definately have it in there, but i also have it in the middle ear, i had to cut the tendons because my ears reacted to my voice and outside sounds. i was refering to the spasms for a while as autophoney because i did not know what else it could be. ... (58 replies)
... lp with e tube or my posts i was very clear about the constant torture the middle ear tendons cause, and cutting them relieved those symptoms, my ears reacting to outside sounds, my own voice, a simple cough or closing a door.......i could barley function. my symptoms are all over my posts.... ... (58 replies)
... Lib, As soon as I receive the info from Dr. Poe about the newer procedure for palatal myoclonus I will let you know. I have had this for about a year now although the autohpony started earlier, about 19 months ago. I really don't know what caused it-wish I did. The autophony prior to the injections is the same as it was 19 months ago. I just had a period where it went away... (58 replies)
... hi jen, i am interested in the info dr poe is sending you, must be newer since i saw him. he figured out my issues and my dr here took over, i have the myoclonus in the middle ear as well as e tube. please share the info when you get it. jen when they botox the palate it can cause p e t, it may freeze the muscle to much, that is why i opted not to do botox. this may or may... (58 replies)
... just in the last week or two, i have developed a problem in only my left ear. you know the motion you go through when you wiggle your ears? flexing whatever muscles it is, im not sure, but either way, when i do that, and i hold it for a second or two, there is this scratching/static sound and sometimes popping also. interestingly enough, it only seems to do it right after i... (2 replies)
... ext to my ear. It's never been the same since that day. I notice when I eat dairy and also when my stress is up that the fullness or what I call broken speaker crackling sound is more noticeable. Have you found any cure yet? ... (2 replies)
... (0 replies)
... very simple, they clip the tendons to the spasming muscles.the problem will be finding a good dr to diagnose this.....where are you located? if you look it up it will describe the surgery, very easy. also you can read my old posts....tons of them. (9 replies)
... can you tell me a bit about the surgery. I really want my ears to be normal again i can't go to parties or anything because the scratching and popping makes me....unpleasent. ... (9 replies)
Ear Crackling
Nov 16, 2004
... Hi, My ears constantly crackle whenever I swallow (not on their own). My doctors has checked both with no sign of infection or such. Should I be seeing another doctor, I don't notice any hearing loss. I had brain surgery in June to repair an aneurysm and so have jaw / ear pain on the right side of my head but not sure the two are related. Thanks, KJ (1 replies)
... hat.I wear an ear plug in my ear when I can.It does help with the frustration.A normal conversation with someone can really aggitate me because the words hurt my ears so much.Just to let you know your not alone.It only effects 5 in 100,000 people. ... (6 replies)
... this is all what is occuring in my ears ever since i hit my head yadde yadde yaaa ive had 3 CT's, 3 MRI's......does anyone kno why this could be happening? ... (1 replies)
Annoying noises
Jan 26, 2004
... loss of hearing can sneek up on you before you know it!!! and this is what hapen to me...I started off with them sonuds in my ears crackling hissin sounds some times ringing sounds but it came and went through out the years as my hearing decreased with time.... ... (4 replies)
Annoying noises
Dec 20, 2003
... Also, when I was younger, I was a very keen swimmer and I could go quite deep underwater and my ears would be fine. ... (4 replies)
... I also hear a crackling sound in my ears when I talk or flex my ear muscles. ... (0 replies)
Weepy Ear Canals
Mar 24, 2004
... I've had periodic trouble with my ears from time to time for the past 15 years or so. The ear canal gets itchy. ... (0 replies)

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