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... Lib, I am sooo nervous, Wednesday is the big day for me, I know it is a quick op, but still scary, I am worried of the bleeding after the op will give me a blocked up ear which will last for weeks until the blood drains away down the eustachian tube. how was it for you after the op? were you blocked up? and do you have this autophony? it does'nt sound nice. Please do... (58 replies)
... Meg, Yes, I think stress does play a role. My symptoms started about 3 months after a cross country move that I wasn't really happy about or 100% sure was right for our family. It's been tough and my symptoms just seemed to grow and progressively get worse. Try some yoga and massage therapy. I know it seems trivial but it might help some of those muscles relax. Jen (58 replies)
... Jen and Lib, I appreciate your responses, they have been very helpful! IF I opt for Botox, you can be sure it will only be with a doctor that has done it many times before! Does anyone here think that severe stress or anxiety contributed to their problem?? Of course, I know that in most cases, the cause is unknown...But I know for me, this started during the most... (58 replies)

... Meg, Hi! I've been reading through the last few posts and thought I might comment. I have been diagnosed with palatal myoclonus and have had the botox treatments. My myoclonus like yours is triggered by talking and blowing (like blowing out candles on a cake). For some reason, when i say the letters m and n I don't hear the snap or clicking sound. My ENT scoped me and the... (58 replies)
... yes drs have told me this, i know someone who this happened to, if its over botoxed it can cause p e t. others can get botox and not have an issue, i would only go to someone who has done botox for this a lot, if you look at some other older posts you will find the person who had the botox, just search for botox or patulos eustacian tube. lib (58 replies)
... One more question...I also read somewhere that Botox typically isn't covered by health insurance, even if it's for medical reasons like palatal myoclonus??! Yikes!!! I'm just wondering if anyone on here has had it and whether their insurance covered any of it. I read that Botox could be up to $4,000...that sounds like a LOT to me, I don't know whether that's true or not. (58 replies)
... Lib, You said something about Botox injections causing PET if the muscle is frozen too much?? I've been doing a lot of reading online (on PubMed, medical literature), and haven't seen anything about that. But then again, I haven't really been able to find anything about any side effects from the Botox injections. How do you know about that? Did a doctor tell you that? ... (58 replies)
... What is "p e t"??? I assume it has something to do with the eustachian tubes?? (58 replies)
... not for myoclonus, but for p.e.t, it might be worth a try. let me know if you do. lib (58 replies)
... I am having problems and was thinking of getting a night guard. Maybe not! Good luck with your problem. (58 replies)
... Hi Lib, I will let you know. I started the appointment process today. Won't see him until January though. Do you know anybody who has tried patulend? Jen (58 replies)
... Hi libby, autophoney is hearing your voice and breathing in your ear loud like a megaphone. my voice was louder but not like a megaphone. do not be discouraged if the stapedial needs to be clipped to, i had both in my right ear and onlt the tt in the left just to see even though my doc was confident it was both, and the stapedial still spasms......but with 3 out of 4... (58 replies)
... hi jen, i have not tried sound therapy. if you see poe i would be interested to hear what he thinks of sound therapy for myoclonus. it cant hurt thats for sure! ttyl, lib (58 replies)
... Hi Lib, Hey, I was wondering if you ever tried sound therapy. Heard it might help some of our symptoms. By the way I really do think its time I made an appt with poe even if the airfare has to come out of my own pocket. Talk to ya later. Jen (58 replies)
... hi jen, yes i think you should see him, it will help with a lot of questions. my insurance covered my visit but not travel myoclonus is related to not text book. see him! this like p e t and other issues is not easy to pinpoint and treat. let me know! lib (58 replies)
... nik, if you read my posts my whole story is there, i will try to give the short story......i had so many horrific symptoms....and one i described and called autophony, i would get a rough echo type of sound after i would talk, it at the time seemed like it was my voice, now my drs and i relize it was the muscle in the middle ear spasming, when it would do this my voice also... (58 replies)
... Hi Lib, Well, to anwer your questions, yes, everyone can hear the snap even the doctors. Thats how he said he was confident that it was palatal and not middle ear myoclonus (other than seeing it on the monitor). If there is a lot of background noise the clicking doesn't bother me as much but when it's quiet, like when I'm reading a bedtime story to my 5 yr. old, it's very... (58 replies)
... Hi Lib, we both have similar names and similar problems. I have been keeping tabs on all your posts and I have read your posts on other websites also. I never got in touch before because I did'nt want to bother you. I really need your advice, in 2 weeks time I am booked in to have my stapedial and tensor tympani tendons sectioned. I am really nervous because this is the... (58 replies)
... jen, ps....i have shoulder and jaw issues, tmj they say, and neck issues.....could be a link??? never know....what nasal spray did he give you? lib (58 replies)
... hi jen, so you can hear the snap come from the palate, can any one else ever hear it. mine is the same, i have to talk or swallow to trigger it, but its not constant. i have periods where i dont really have symptoms and dayd where it is more active. they can not see mine move, but hear it snap. my ear will pop really loud sometimes when i talk or swallow. they think a virus... (58 replies)

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