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... Hello again Lib, Yes, the ent can see my palate move. I went back for a follow up appt. on Thursday and the right side is completely paralyzed from the botox but he can still see the left side moving a bit which makes sense since I am still getting the clicking on that side. I am a little confused in regards to the pet though because I hadn't experienced much of the pet... (58 replies)
... yes hes is top notch!!!! i would see him! he is awesome! (58 replies)
... Lib, I emailed Sismanis in Richmond and he emailed back sating he would be gald to scheduel an appointment. Do you think I shoudl try to see someone at Duke first. It is frustarting to go to the ENTS and it seems to be the same routine--hearing test, a look in the ear etc. Is the guy in Richmond good? (58 replies)

... I also been suffering from an ear problem in my left ear for about 2.5 years. My symptoms mostly include a popping when I burp or yawn and a constant clicking at night when I swallow. The symptoms seem to be described in Palatal Myoclonus. I was diagnosed with PET and then that changed to ETD. I have seen several ENTS including Dennis Poe in Boston. Unfortunately when I... (58 replies)
... *myoclonus*: Noun A sudden twitching of muscles or parts of muscles, without any rhythm or pattern, occurring in various brain disorders. I know what thats like I somtimes feel my eardrum twitch very rairly though I get more of a cracking sound and I can feel it. (58 replies)
... Nik, I was thinking that the packing in your ears was on the inside, behind your eardrums, which I didn't want. ... (178 replies)
... I assume it will eventually dissolved. You might hear some popping and crackling as it does so, but don't think your PET is returning. ... (178 replies)
... nds are like clattering of dishes, kinda high pitched ones make me cringe. i think my hearing is getting worse yet i dont have tinitus very often anymore yet the crackling sound when listening to music is still very real. ... (4 replies)
... I don't know what happened but my operated ear started doing that crackling noise again the past two days during bedtime. I started panicking, thinking something's wrong with the eardrum but I guess maybe it's still healing. ... (352 replies)
... Hi, I have been suffering with these same symptoms for 10 years now. When I first had the full feeling in my ears I was told many different things. I had hearing tests done and was told I had otosclerosis. I had the operation on my one ear. ... (35 replies)
... For a couple of weeks now I have had a ringing in my left ear it's driving me nuts it's like crackling an hissing sounds also I have tried sudafed to try and clear my ears but it's really working. ... (3 replies)
... I have problems with pressure changes, crackling and popping sounds in my ears. ... (35 replies)
... i have this, and they pop when i talk, i have myoclonus, of the e tube and middle ear, its spasms. (5 replies)
... I do. :) They always feel stuffed, so i can either hold my nose and blow out, or kind of pop them by sort of using muscles in my neck or throat. its hard to explain, but either way they crackle/pop repeatedly. (5 replies)
... what triggers the popping? (5 replies)
... for a while now ive had a general feeling of being off balance...get sinus infections often, pressure on the side of my head. using rhinocort seems to help lessen the popping some but its still there.... (5 replies)
Ear noises
Apr 4, 2005
... hi, i can do this with throat muscles....what does your sound like, a snap or pop? crackling? talking causes loud popping or snaping.... i have some sort of myoclonus....going to nih to sort it ou. lib (1 replies)
... i had the tendons in the middle ears severed. it has helped but its not all gone. ... (6 replies)
... What is really most annoying is the fullness and eustachian congestion. I describe it to my wife that it's as though my ears are packed tight with silly putty. ... (1 replies)

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