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... I have had this problem for a long time now, my hearing seems to be good in my left and right ears, but my left one makes this crackling sound, along with and unuasual sensation whenever there is a loud noise around..... It kinda reminds me of a broken speaker! ... (2 replies)
... as I always feel the pressure changes on my ears even in small elevators. ... (52 replies)
... i have it in both ears and i am so desparate for answers and help. i have never been a depressed person but i am in despair at this point. ... (20 replies)

... do you get popping and crackling or feel like there is mucous in your ears? ... (143 replies)
... no, it wasnt from yawning or chewing...this is definitely something new, that hasnt happened before. i have of course experienced the common popping from yawning, etc...but now the popping is happening here and there on its own. ill just be sitting there completely still, and itll start popping, and go on for usually a minute or so, a pop every couple of seconds. and when i... (10 replies)
... Sorry to hear what you have been through. I am 50. One thing I can say is this. If your Docs. have told you that you have nothing life threatening be Glad. Think of those that do. There are not always fixes for some of our injuries. I have an ear problem.....contant well as cervical spine problems with chronic pain. We have to sometimes learn to live with... (4 replies)
... speratly, I tried plunging it with my hand. I was MAD that my weekend was Ruined by this. I was mad that I wasn't out drinking and partying. I was fed up with my ears always getting plugged with wax. Suddenly, I flew into a blind rage. I raised my hand and punched my ear three times. ... (4 replies)
... infection hasn't been mentioned, i presume that would present either throuh observation of nose/throat or the mri tho. this is the nhs man, you get what you're given ;) Thanks! I'll do some research. (12 replies)
... periencing the same symptoms as you. I have not had an MRI done as of yet though. Mine all started after my braces came off. I have crackling, popping in both ears and on my right side my ear making that pulsating noise anytime I bend over or turn my head a certain way. It totally drives me crazy. ... (12 replies)
... Hello from the UK. I found this board whilst googling to fin out what's wrong with me. About 3 years ago Istarted experiencing a crackling and distortion in my left ear in direct correlation with loud noise (but not that loud, everyone else could bear it, e.g lots of people talking in a room or a loud crash or bang). My G.P (erm..physician??) couldn't see anything wrong so... (12 replies)
... school. Essentially, the pain and discomfort torments me every waking hour, minute and second. Usually, my ear feels very plugged and uncomfortable with hideous crackling and snapping sounds sometimes when I swallow. On top of all this misery, I sometimes get a very unbearable twitching and thumping sensation in my ear. ... (14 replies)

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