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... hi. If all of this is still going on I suggest you go to the ENT (ear nose and throat) at your local hospital. It sounds like you have tinitus. I don't know what they suggest for it but I know that you should carry on popping your ears when you feel the fullness/pressure. Ask your doctor/consultant if it may be ETD (eustachien tube dysfunction) its a posibility. Are you... (1 replies)
... g is your blood pumping around your ears, this is due to your ETD. I too have been put on a nasal spray called flixonase which i take two times a day I also have popping and intense presseure on my ear drum. Do you only really get intense presseure when it has popped violently and you try to sniff or breathe through your nose. ... (9 replies)
... not heard from you in a while. I was wondering how you were doing. I continue to struggle like you with my Eustachean Tube Dysfunction. It seems as though my ears have flared up and won't settle down now. I constantly have snapping, crackling, and popping, mostly in my left ear, and at times very loud and annoying. ... (34 replies)

... pain in the jaw,cruching and popping sounds in my ears when I swallow. CHeck out the TMJ board. Your ear problems and neck pain may be due to TMJD. Good luck to you. ... (3 replies)
Ear pressure
Jul 12, 2001
... I also experieince from pressure and popping my ears. I had drainage tubes put in 8 days ago and I think they are making everything worse. ... (3 replies)
... ke Zyrtec. If not better in 7 to 10 days to call ENT. Woke up Monday not feeling any better and decided to see ENT that day. Got in and Dr. barely looked at my ears but sent me for a hearing test. Results showed no hearing in my left ear. Started Prednisone on Tuesday morning. ... (0 replies)
... Hi Sandra, My first visit back in many years and I read your oh so familiar tale. 5 years ago for me, Yep my surgeon gave me no indication of what to expect either. I suppose how could he, he hasn't the condition or given himself the op.... Cheer up it's good news, promise. I know, maybe not for me though you're thinking that's what I thought too. I had my right ear... (10 replies)
... oked a bit puzzled, but he said he wasn't worried at this point and to see him again in 6 weeks and that it'd be fluid behind my ear. He said i need to have some popping before i'll hear. ... (10 replies)
... I've had popping and cracking and all kinds of funky feelings and sounds in the ear over the past two weeks, but again the doc said this is normal and I'm not worried about it. ... (27 replies)
... You are not alone! I was terrified that I couldn't hear seemingly anything. The doctor said to run my fingers over the outside lobe of my ear - you should be able to "hear" it inside your head. Although the packing mutes everything (entirely too well it seems!), as long as you can "hear" your fingers moving over your ear in your head, you are healing. I have found this to... (27 replies)
... Hello not finding much on this subject ,Last thursday all of a sudden i heard a echo sound in my right ear trying all the normal stuff popping ears blowing nose checking for wax etc nothing worked so i went to bed and noticed i could not hear at all out of this ear so i waited til in the morning and still the same so i checked like with phone and cold not hear anything so i... (2 replies)
... Mspgh Great to hear, pretty soon you will almost forget how it was before surgery. My adverse reaction to loud sounds are slowly receeding. Hope yours will also. Congrats on "normal up to 8K" "Dr "B" is a "Rock Star" :) and "The Lippy Clinic rocks too" At 72 I can still express young feelings ;) Ashton11 (33 replies)
... They only minor issue I am having is alot head congestion from a terrible cold I had last week, and the operated ear has been popping alot when I talk and swallow. I think this is probably just due to some fluid in my ears and sinuses and it seems to be working itself out. ... (33 replies)
... . Hi Stephen! Congratulations on good recovery.What is your hearing now in terms of db if you have a report you can see it and tell. My doctor asked me not to get hit on left side(operated ear). But can we sneeze like normal people and also not worry about catching cold and what about lifting of weights.My doctor told me to slowly move towards a normal... (3 replies)
... I had my right ear stapadectory on 13 June. My left ear is fine, but the hearing in my right ear was severely degraded. I put off the operation for more than 20 years after my initial diagnosis of otosclorosis but finally decided to get it done. Like many people on this forum, I had a lot of anxiety after the procedure as I experienced new feelings and sensations... (3 replies)
... I have no idea what is going on with my ear but the obvious popping noises i hear seem to drive me insane, and the pain when I try to clean my ears doesn't get much better. ... (2 replies)
... I have oto. in both ears and had surgery on the worse ear. ... (141 replies)
May 10, 2011
... is a result of pressure changes in your ear. Ive noted when you have a stapedectomy, you awareness of pressure changes in the ear is a little more elevated. My ears are popping and seemingly clogging up all the time without a cold. So anything like Sinus or nasal blockage to even inflammation will cause an effect. ... (6 replies)
... ing about the packing inside the ear when I went to him to get the packing out. I guess he really packed it for added support he said so I guess all the shampoo popping in my ear is how I describe it must be that...I now feel so much better just knowing that something has changed. ... (41 replies)
... really well..others I have that under water my ear is clogged feeling. Have you noticed that you are at your best in the am. I think that it has to do with our ears resting during the evening. I understand how you are feeling I am there with I have the popping crunching noise in my ear.. ... (11 replies)

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