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... I am suffering from dynamic eustachian tube dysfunction in my left ear. Symptoms vary from a plugged tender feeling, snapping, crackling while swallowing to twitching and thumping sensations in that ear. ... (1 replies)
... ct ear issues after the balance problems became worse. I was about to schedule an ENT appointment when I managed to dislodge an unsuspected blockage in my left eustachian tube. ... (3 replies)
... hi, been tested for allergies, only dust and dustmites. i am on nasonex and claratin and it has not helped all this ear stuff. do you get reverberation in your ears? how bout rattling ear drums when talking, popping crackling and thumping? i dont know if it is edt or pet, i can breath air into my ears can you? thanks for all your info, may try the clarinex ! lib (143 replies)

... I have pretty severe Eustachian Tube Dysfunction brought about by allergies. Meaning my entire ET track will be swollen.. ... (143 replies)
... varying degrees from day 2 day. When I get sick the tube will swell up so bad that I can't bend my neck the opposite direction of the infection. Even a simple cold leaves me dizzy for days.. ... (3 replies)
... If you have blockage due to a flight it is likely to be pressure and the sudafed should help. You wont need antibiotics as i doubt you have an infection, just clogged up inner ears from the pressure of the flight :) If you do have an infection (which i doubt u will) take collidiol silver in the ears, its a natural antibiotic :) (1 replies)
... I've had blockage in my left ear for over a month after an airplane flight. I've been using sudafed and flonase for about a week. ... (1 replies)
Hearing Impaired
Oct 7, 2013
... I had an ear infection three months ago. I was left with fluid in my ear. I went to one ent who told me to use flonase for a month and if I had to use it longer go ahead. She gave me several refills. Well I used it for a month with no improvement. ... (1 replies)
... ncerns about pressure equalizing tubes. He told me that most of his patients do not get relief from them. Only a minority do. He believes that the middle ear and eustachian tube are a combined system with problems not always being caused by the eustachian tube alone. ... (3 replies)
... g several allergy pills and nasal decongestants. Anyhow I got a horrible case of sinusitis where my ears were crackling so loud that I couldn't sleep. I guess my eustachian tube had been clogged up. Well I then developed these sharp stabbing headaches associated with the sinus infection and that was it. ... (6 replies)
... I've been told I have Eustachian Tube Dysfunction for 2 years now, and i've become pretty much used to having an earache/sinus headache. They've become daily occurences & until now I never gave them much thought. I've been on Flonase & Clarinex for my allergies(allergic to dogs, cats, grasses, ragweed, pollen, dust) for about a year now but recently I was told by my... (2 replies)
... n out my nose and then symptoms disappear for a while but cannot duplicate this at will, only works sometimes. I have read some post on this board about patulous eustachian tube. Do my symptoms describe this condition? ... (2 replies)

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