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... Mspgh Great to hear, pretty soon you will almost forget how it was before surgery. My adverse reaction to loud sounds are slowly receeding. Hope yours will also. Congrats on "normal up to 8K" "Dr "B" is a "Rock Star" :) and "The Lippy Clinic rocks too" At 72 I can still express young feelings ;) Ashton11 (33 replies)
... I had my follow up visit last Friday and everything looks good. Apparently my fears of hearing loss were a bit premature as my air conduction hearing test on the operated ear shows that hearing has been restored to a normal range up to at least 8kHz. ... (33 replies)
... ave seen my GP as well as two other doctors who can't seen to find anything wrong. I am due to see a specialist soon and with any luck, I will have answers. My hearing is otherwise very tinnitis or hearing loss, just that annoying crackling. I am a professional musician and believe me, it has me a bit worried too. ... (58 replies)

... Dr. Poe is going to insert the silicon tubing up through my throat, instead of the Shea method of going through the ear drum. I never felt good about that, and was going to ask Dr. ... (178 replies)
... I'm trying to discover the source of the low, steady LOUD hum which started in my right ear about a year ago. I've had high frequency tinnitus for years, had Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, and it doesn't bother me much now. ... (4 replies)
... existing tinnitus caused by a loud noise exposure. It is in one ear only. Symptoms are a high pitched noise which is fairly constant. My other ear is unaffected. ... (14 replies)
... op stape. I think I found an answer to help explain my odd hearing in my fixed ear. Apparently, in an ear with no conductive hearing loss the difference between plugging your ear and not plugging your ear while humming is greater. As this is the case with my fixed ear, maybe it is a good sign. ... (141 replies)
... had the same symptoms you describe and mine was caused by middle ear myoclonus. please read through my posts as i was convinced i had p e t and did not. ... (36 replies)
... Hi Chris, sorry to hear that you dont seem to be getting anywhere fast. I had heard that repeated ear tubes can cause scarring on the eardrum. The fullness may not be coming from the eustachian tube. Ear fullness can be a sign of any inner ear disorder. ... (35 replies)
... ral they are and rather uninvolved. They give you the worst news. I had an MRI and this test where they put electrodes on my brain and in my ears, and a normal hearing test. ... (3 replies)
... It is hard to tell how much hearing I have recovered since that ear is stuffed with swabbing and probably gunk. If anything it feels like I LOST a little hearing between yesterday and today, which I hope is just due to swelling or grime buildup. ... (49 replies)
... I had my first stapedectomy in 1998, I had surgery within one year of diagnosis on my left side. My hearing on left side is still within normal range across all frequencies . Used hearing aid at that time for about a year but got tired of it. ... (352 replies)
Jul 7, 2003
... hearing loss in my left ear. I have noticed a progressive decrease starting from around my highschool years. ... (177 replies)
Need a diagnosis
Nov 17, 2013
... You can have a myringotomy and have the fluid drained from your middle ear. Did I understand right that it is in the middle ear and not the inner ear? ... (2 replies)
... l be able to let you know. Make sure that you are taking it easy. You need to let that "hole" heal. The reason you are feeling so dizzy is because there is still fluid passing from your inner ear to your middle ear and reverse. Any stress or strenuous activity can prevent that from happening. ... (33 replies)
... and if I slept on my left side the ear felt like it filled with fluid when I woke up. This lasted for nearly a year before I had surgery. ... (41 replies)
... Thanks very much for the information. What you have told me convices me that the distortion etc are more likely caused by a middle ear problem than Meniere's. ... (36 replies)
... About a year and a half ago, I suffered severe ear pain, hearing loss, etc. ... (1 replies)
Mar 26, 2002
... couple of years by your audiologist and you hearing should be fine. ... (19 replies)
Mar 25, 2002
... ast it was worth a try. Sounds like you did have the MRI if they put you through the hollow tube and told you not to move or wriggle. Keep up with getting your hearing tested every couple of years by your audiologist and you hearing should be fine. White noise is still the best way to mask the tinnitus at night though. ... (19 replies)

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