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... Interesting, thanks for sharing your experiences. I also have fluid in my ears, have had it for around 3 weeks now. ... (14 replies)
... Suffer profound hearing loss at age 14. Been wearing a hearing aid ever since. ... (8 replies)
Jul 16, 2003
... My "tunnel" lasted about a week after the packing was removed and the "shutoff" which isn't really much of a hearing loss but more a feeling like water has filled the ear. It occured when bending the head far down and passes soon after getting upright. ... (177 replies)

... g from a loud ringing in both ears for the last month. It seems to have started with a plane ride where my ears did not pop on descent. I felt a pain in the left ear as the plane landed. ... (9 replies)
... Has anyone ever had the procedure done where the dr. inserts a needle through the eardrum into the eustacian tube, draws out thickened fluid and then inserts a tube..... all while the patient is sitting in a chair and just having a topical 'number" OUCH! ... (10 replies)
Jun 25, 2003
... Here goes....I got the results of my second ear today....more later. ... (9 replies)
... hat knocked me unconscious at which time I continued to fall until I landed on the left side of my head and face on the porch steps. Since then I have had issues hearing with my left ear. My description of my hearing is that the outside volume was turned down, the inside volume turned up and a kazoo was placed in my ear. ... (7 replies)
Apr 21, 2004
... I am so glad I found these boards. I had a stapedectomy done 15 days ago and my ear has been doing some strange things. Now I realise that I am not alone. ... (177 replies)
Apr 20, 2004
... operation. My ear still feels plugged most of the time and my packing has been out since April 8th. So, I would exect you to still have that feeling. ... (177 replies)
More cholesteatoma
Dec 10, 2003
... from the age of 5 i've had constant problems with my ears. it started off as something as simple as fluid in the ears, of which gromets were placed in my ears. ... (0 replies)
... it. At first I just thought I was tired or dehydrated, anyway it did not subside so I went to a doctor over there who said it was a sort of vertigo, either from ear wax or poor blood flow around the ear. ... (1 replies)
... ear infections. A few times the doctors have examined my ears and said, "there's a bit of fluid in there". My main problem is with my left ear. ... (1 replies)
... I just wanted to stay asleep! Then I noticed immediately how much my ear hurt! It felt like someone had been jamming an ice pick in it. So they gave me some painkillers and that helped. ... (352 replies)
... Mine wasd one way back in 1990. I have had hearing tests since then and they haven't said it is that bad. maybe I need to schedule an actual hearing test. I was in to see an ETN after mulitple visits to my regular doc who thought I had fluid in my ear. It had a plugged feeling. ... (21 replies)
... I am not sure what you are really looking for here. You have had a known loss for years and it fluctuates. ... (12 replies)

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