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... what is the fluttering in my ear sound mean? ... (0 replies)
... About 3 years ago i had a popping in my left ear, i kept me up that night, i went to the dr the next day and was given the dx of ETD. ... (1 replies)
... anything is possible, but i doubt you have 2 very rare disorders, just as i doubt i do. i believe it is all related to 1 disorder. look up dr timothy hain, he describes a palatal eye type of myoclonus, sounds like myo to me. hyperacusis is a sever intolerance to sound. myo causes a sensitivity that can be sever but not to all sound. i am not convinced you have true... (10 replies)

... I don't have no inner ear problems because tests show inner ear pressures are normal, so no fluid leaks in the inner ear, no meneries disease, or any other inner ear problem. ... (10 replies)
... gigatigga, I know your pain. I have very similar symptoms. I have dizziness with mine and fullness of my ears. Yours seems to come and go. Mine are pretty consistent. I am researching PET. Look under Eustachian tube disorders (ETD). Good luck and hugs! (1 replies)
... my audiogram is off the charts for an adult, especially one who used to play in rock bands. ... (17 replies)
... heard noises and I just took antibiotics to help clear it up. My ears continually itched, but I was afraid to do anything with drops, OTIC drops, etc, as they didn't seem to help. ... (3 replies)
... Mine stared about 4 months ago or so with a weird sick feeling one day in my stomach followed by some chest congestion. Then a day later I got up and my ear was popping. ... (28 replies)
Clogged ears
Jul 4, 2008
... my hearing muffled and clogged, lots of popping but never stays open. When it is at the worst, I hear my heart beating and feel sick. I feel and hear also little fluttering noises. ... (17 replies)
... ve been experiencing lately. In turn, I want to share something that has helped me with a lot of my ear issues. ... (1 replies)
Ear Fluttering!!
Oct 11, 2004
... do you have any other symptoms in your ears? ... (1 replies)
... no.. i clean my ears regularly.. always have. they feel ok other then this weird sound i'm getting.. and it feels like something is fluttering back and forth. ... (6 replies)
... for three months straight I had a plugged left ear and some fluttering in both ears. ... (2 replies)
Ear flutters
May 22, 2005
... they can try to do a tympanogram, but its not always accurate, a good doc will know its the middle ear muscles by your description. where are you located? lib (12 replies)
Ear flutters
May 22, 2005
... Question to all with this problem of fluttering in the ear or ears. ... (12 replies)
... Just to second what lib has said, generally speaking, thumping and fluttering and vibration type sensations and sounds in the ears can be muscular in nature, as can fullness in the ears. Your dentist may well be on to something regarding your jaw. ... (3 replies)
Oct 16, 2004
... last night i woke up and i was breathing high in my ears were so blocked i could hear the inside of my was like being caught inside myself...i found it hard to even talk .my throat was so tight.. ... (1 replies)
... I first posted three days ago having had fluttering tinnitus for the previous 3 weeks. ... (8 replies)
What is this?
Feb 3, 2004
... i have had ringing in the ears and i keep getting a quick spinning sensation that just comes from nowhere .. ... (4 replies)
... chronic clicking in both ears, when talking, chewing. ... (52 replies)

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