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... It started off as a kind of altered conciousness. A 'Brain Fog'. Pressure behind the eyes, altered hearing. This would come and go. It would last sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes an hour or two. ... (10 replies)
Hearing Distortion
Apr 13, 2005
... and slight pressure sensations. ... (2 replies)
... I am 10 days Post op and still extremely dizzy. Especially with alot of things moving around me, such as cars passing or My kids running around. I have alot of pressure in my ear and I can hear and feel my heart beat. Immediately after surgery when I woke up in recovery I could hear very very well.. ... (33 replies)

... and slight pressure sensations. ... (22 replies)
... he initial nausea when I was first coming out from under the anaesthesia, I didn't feel too bad. While in the recovery room I was a bit woozy and there was some pressure in my ear. I occassionally felt and heard loud thumping in the operated ear, and a lot of ringing. The doctor said this was normal. ... (352 replies)
... I am hanging in is really hard I will be honest with you. I have my ups and downs. I am using the nasal spray and the pressure is not as often as it was but still there. I still hear popping noises crunching in my weird. ... (33 replies)
... ed the bones in the ear was made out of titanium. I had heard that some surgeons still use stainless steel! Putting anything that is sensitive to magnets in your head seems like a very bad idea to me e.g. you could then not have an MRI scan. ... (352 replies)
... Hi, I fell ill in Sept 2003. First symptom was dizziness when leaning forward, spaced out (episodic would come and go but knew instantly when I was back to normal again. So hard to describe!...), then a few weeks later, tinnitus started (like an alternating two tone high pitched). Then insomnia, IBS, panic, anxiety, depression, ear pressure, sore neck and shoulders. Now... (3 replies)
... pop my ears too..but I am scared to. I did do it last week and scared myself. things did get lil clearer and pressure was wonderful. then it closed up again..My dr. said I can blow my nose but not to a point where I force pop my ears so i guess I still need to be careful... ... (41 replies)
Fluid in Ears
Oct 20, 2005
... cold issue last week. Have pressure in my head, nose and roof of mouth. Main problem though is the lightheadedness. ... (5 replies)
... Hello, About 6 months ago, I suddenly developed some rather strange hearing problems: - A feeling of pressure in the ear(s) - Loss of hearing in the high frequency range - Very sensitive to sounds in the low frequency range, which are often distorted - Distinct feeling that both ears are affected, but the the symptoms are more pronounced on the left side -... (1 replies)
... drink and asked if I wanted tea or coffee and offered a sandwich but as I was feeling giddy, I said I shall wait for some time.The nurses kept checking my blood pressure and pulse and seemed satisfied. ... (141 replies)
... ction. As I've always had seroius problems with inhalant allergies, they were blamed. However, antihistamines as well as other medications helped only partially. Dizziness disappeared quickly, but other symptoms kept recurring. I noticed that the swelling got worse e.g. on hot days. Sometimes it was so bad that I was almost deaf. ... (6 replies)
... cated of all cholesteatoma. There is a lot of details here, which i am not going into. at the end, a total ossicular reconstruction prosthesis was a dornhoffer head was placed due to my incus and stapes eroded. the goal was to excise the cyst, hearing preservation or restoration is the secondary goal. ... (30 replies)
... or just fluid like is found with Meniere's disease. But PET is just a ET that is stuck in the open position and the pressure feeling is from the ET not remaining closed like it should and opening just to equalize the pressure. ... (143 replies)
... followed by some chest congestion. Then a day later I got up and my ear was popping. I went to the clinic and she said it was probably just a sinus infection or pressure and prescribed sudafed and nasal spray. ... (28 replies)
... I am experiencing basically no dizziness or vestibular symptoms of any kind. I feel pretty good physically, although physical activity does tend to create some pressure in the ear, like a feeling of fullness, and it makes my ear pop. So I have to remember to take it easy. ... (19 replies)
... I can squat if I want but I'm a big girl so if I go down I may not get up. The head lower than heart is for 1 month. Also, no lifting or pushing or pulling at any force over 15 lbs. for 1 month. Guess Nursing is out for a while...VACATION. ... (0 replies)
... I've also noticed that if I apply pressure to the blood vessels on the right side of my neck it will stop the flushing noise. ... (0 replies)
... effect of the surgery so far. So, Thursday I went to my Niece's to celebrate Thanksgiving and I'm saying high to the family, I bumped my ear into my sister's head when I went to kiss her on her chick. Needless to say, I was freaking out and EXTREMELY concerned that I had damaged something. It all seems to be normal though. ... (3 replies)

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