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... well...I have written an earlier response. From one other reply, I agree that I have some reverberation in my I can't get my voice out of my head..very annoying when talking with others. ... (143 replies)
... My nausea has subsided and I went into the office today. It is nice to be back. I am getting combination "Well Wishes" and "Happy Birthdays". ... (173 replies)
... but the snow is all gone now! ... (11 replies)

... For the past few months, my left ear has been getting very muffled and I hear ringing all the time! It seems to go away and come back whenever it feels like it! Usually its like a weekly thing, but it's annoying! ... (1 replies)
... Hello guys this is my first post here and I pray to God I can get some experiences here from others who suffer similar things like I do. Here is a little history about my self. ... (55 replies)
... Hello guys this is my first post here and I pray to God I can get some experiences here from others who suffer similar things like I do. Here is a little history about my self. ... (55 replies)
... put in both ears and like I've read on some of the posts here, everything sounds muffled and when I speak or sing it sounds even worse. Unlike it was in my right ear before the tubes were inserted, which were normal sounding, it is now muffled and my left was that was really bad is worse. ... (0 replies)
... hello all, I can relate to the alone feeling. I've been plagued with ear troubles my whole life. ... (34 replies)
... OR and recovery, but much diminished the next day, due to swelling I guess. I had pretty bad vertigo on the third morning along with some nausea, but the nausea is mostly gone. ... (6 replies)
... range frequency tones. I expect it will slowly taper off as the ear heals, the packing dissolves, and the hearing improves in the mids and highs. ... (19 replies)
... This is the start of Week 4, I have heard "noises" that I have never heard before but cannot interprete it at all. Last night, I went to my favorite local bar and it was pretty rough at times with TONS of noises, some women cackling even made me cringe it hurt my ear. ... (20 replies)
... OP lasted about 30mins. Blood work and chest xray. I was then put in a hospital room for about an hour waiting my turn. ... (352 replies)
... me, months if like mine. I would not be too concerned about high frequencies or other sensations this soon, things will gradually improve with time. Main thing is to be careful and take care of the ear, this is a crucial time of healing. ... (33 replies)
... no biggie. At around day 9, walking home from work, there was a giant pop and the ear seems to have cleared somewhat. Was just like when landing on an airplane and all of a sudden you could hear better. Hearing IS better. ... (101 replies)
... I had my op in the left ear over two weeks ago, 2nd Sept. ... (2 replies)
... Hey all. About 1 month ago i started taking adderall on a regular basis. I am 34 years old trying to get through college. About two weeks ago my right ear started feeling as though it was muffled a little when i listened to loud music in my car. ... (36 replies)
... as long as you can "hear" your fingers moving over your ear in your head, you are healing. ... (27 replies)
... Oh yeah, I can hear my finger rub my ear. I can hear alot through the operated ear. Its muffled sound but its loud. Much louder overall than my unoperated ear, but not much high frequency content so not much detail in the sound. ... (33 replies)
... My hearing is not what I hoped it would be. The high range is gone and it's still muffled. I must use the phone on my right side. If I use it on my left... the transmission is muffled badly. The ear feels blocked and full. Do I hear things louder... yes I do... but not clearer. ... (49 replies)
... How is your ear? ... (17 replies)

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