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... What is the name of doctors that do surgery on nerve damage in ears? ... (1 replies)
... f's mom had the measles when he was born. Consequently, he was born with measles which caused hearing loss. The doctor in the past has indicated that he has nerve damage. Is there any type of operation or procedure to correct nerve damage? ... (1 replies)
... the answer is yes. The amount of calcium build up concerns me and made me question health problems later in life such as nerve damage, facial paralysis, etc. ... (36 replies)

... I just had an ENG test last friday. My ENT called me and told me that both of my ears were 'weak', he asked me if i had ever had any IV antibiotics or anything, which i havent. ... (0 replies)
... My surgeon recommended waiting 6 months before operating on the 2nd ear. I'd think your doctor would tell you how much improvement to expect based on your hearing tests. I have nerve damage so after my surgeries mine was not normal but a lot better at about 80% or so. I'm pretty happy. (23 replies)
... ed by the ENT he told I have tinnitus. At his office he had me take a hearing test with a specialist. When she showed him the test results, he told me that I had nerve damage and he wanted me to have an MRI to make sure there were no tumors or anything else going on. He did put me on a heavy dose Prednisone for ten days. ... (14 replies)
... I would skip going to an ENT if there is suspected nerve damage and if you think the inner ear is involved. You need a neurotologist. They specialize in disorders of the inner. ... (25 replies)
... I have been wearing hearing aids for about 7 years now because my first ENT said that a stapedectomy would not be beneficial due to some nerve damage. Finally in late 2011 I decided to visit another ENT which ordered a hearing test. ... (27 replies)
... I have not found any remedy to this problem. Doctors say it may be nerve damage caused ironically by antibiotics taken to stop a middle ear infection. ... (143 replies)
... that she had nerve damage in both ears and would require hearing aids. I took her directly to the ENT to find she had pefect hearing, but had wax build up in both ears. ... (6 replies)
... I suddenly became sick and began losing my hearing about 4 years ago. At the time I had tinnitus and definitely had the distortion that you mention. Some things I couldn't hear at all, others didn't sound like they should. It turned out that my hearing loss was due to an autoimmune disease. I took Prednisone within a couple of days of losing my hearing and it helped a bit.... (25 replies)
... to do. It is a chronic cycle and makes me dizzy. I dont know how much of the dizziness is coming from anxiety or the ear itself. I feel like I have cotton in my ears and cannot clear the tubes like they are stuck or something. This is a nightmare......... ... (143 replies)
... nth later, it came back again. I went back to the doc and he said that he did see some fluid in my right ear. He did a hearing test with a thing he stuck in my ears and I had to let him know when I heard beeps. He said I had some diminished hearing in both ears. He prescribed entex and prednisone. ... (25 replies)
... I travelled by air after 4 months of Stapedectomy and lost hearing in operated ear and to be honest now it is MUCH worse than before and even my hearing aid is of no use.I have profound hearing loss in the operated ear which was moderately severe before operation.Actually I would recommend that people should not get stapedectomy conducted because natural ears even with minimal... (18 replies)
... A quick look in both of my ears revealed nothing. The hearing in my right ear has recovered for the most part. ... (2 replies)
... My doctor has put me on steroids. I'm still putting drops in my ears and believe that's there's still inner packing prohibiting me from hearing. My doctor's afraid that there's nerve damage. Has anyone had this experience? ... (2 replies)
... r since I found out I needed a stapedectomy. Long story short, I found out that I had otosclerosis when I was 18, just now having the surgery at 35. I have some nerve damage so I will still need hearing aids in both ears. ... (1 replies)
... Well the ENT seems to think that when I developed Herpes simplex that the infection caused nerve damage which can't be repaired. Then I ask him how about the dizziness, his response well eventually it should go away. ... (12 replies)
... otosclerosis. Both ears, but the right ear also had conductive hearing loss due to nerve damage. ... (101 replies)
... d things that normal ETNs don't do such as he did a small incision behind my ear so if I had to fly for an emergency of any type, I could with no ill effects. My ears are so small inside that he said it was almost microscopic. I had no nerve damage .. nothing. He was great for both. ... (21 replies)

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