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... i've also tried the patulEnd drops-- but with no luck... Maybe i wasn't using them correctly, but i actually met with Dr. Dibartolomeo (the inventor of patulEnd) and even though he showed me himself how to use them, they didn't work for me.. He was a great guy, though, and very sympathetic since he is (was?) a sufferer himself-- but ultimately he wasn't sure if PET is what i... (16 replies)
... I don't think my doctors have tried Premarin on me, but the place in Santa Barbara is the only one that makes PatulEnd. Also, PatulEnd goes into the ear tube (in theory), but I haven't heard of that requirement for any other nasal sprays. (7 replies)
... PatulEND drops, Premarin and SKII didn't seem to do anything for me. In fact the PatulEND drops made it autophony come on, and last longer. ... (16 replies)

... This is my first post to the boards. I've really appreciated all the comments and stories of fellow sufferers. It all began after taking a plane flight a year ago while suffering with a cold. After extreme pain in my right ear on landing, I used a bunch of Afrin and survived the second leg of the flight. But even after getting over the cold, I still had that blocked feeling... (0 replies)
... tumor in the lower right sinus area. This was done at Johns Hopkins. Been monitoring your comments for a while. I've tried PatulEnd and Chinese tea. ... (26 replies)
... I'm fine. My PET has become more intermittent than it was originally. The PatulEND didn't work, made symptoms worse upon use. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Cami Haven't been on much. Thank you for inquiring. I see my doctor in couple days for my check up. I think my ear with the perforation is fine. I'm always concerned it will heal over. The right with no tube or perforation hasn't given me any trouble for a few weeks, but it's that demon always sitting on your shoulder. Always dueling with the fears!!! How about you? I... (2 replies)
... Is the PatulEND still working for ya? ... (2 replies)
... Yes, he was quite serious. I even asked him twice because surely I heard him wrong. Unfortunately, he told me he didn't know of it being done anywhere which, again, I found extremely helpful. I Googled this, and ironically, the very first thing re: ET transplant that came up with this post! LOL (Didn't find much on it.) Are these OTC or do you need a Rx? What is the... (16 replies)
... I tried the Patulend drops, which didn't help but gave me huge headaches. but I know that it has helped some people. I tried the Premarin nose drops and drops in juice. ... (36 replies)
... suffering from for the past few months is PET. It's discouraging to find that there doesn't seem to be that much of a solution to the problem. Has anyone tried Patulend drops? ... (36 replies)
... s helped by the piece of paper covering the hole and hole doesn't heal, then I will be having surgery to close the hole. We have also been told by Dr. Poe about Patulend and I may be ordering some of that soon. ... (36 replies)
... not for myoclonus, but for p.e.t, it might be worth a try. let me know if you do. lib (58 replies)
... Hi Lib, I will let you know. I started the appointment process today. Won't see him until January though. Do you know anybody who has tried patulend? Jen (58 replies)
... Allison, I notice you are from Pittsburgh. I am also from the Pittsburgh area. I may;/may not have PET not sure yet. Whatever it is, I sure have autophony though I don't hear my breathing. I wondered who your dr was that diagnosed this in you. I am thinking I may be seeking a second opinion on my problem. Thanks (1 replies)
... I am new to this discussion board. I am desperate for a solution to my Patulous Eustachian Tube problem. I was wondering if any of you have tried PatulEND nasal spray (available from the Ear Foundation in California) and if it worked for you. Are there any side effects? Does it need to be used consistently to see results or can it be used solely when symptoms are present? ... (1 replies)
... The drops that your ENT might has prescibed are the Premarin nose drops. You have to send for the Patulend drops. Neither kinds of drops worked for me, so hope you have success. Be sure to let us know if they work. ... (178 replies)
... hi, i have a few questions. when you say your ear spazzes out, can you describe this a bit better? do outside sounds bother you? the area that your sinuses hurt, any other sensations? any other symptoms that could be a clue? dr poe in boston does surgery for p e t, you will not lose your hearing. he is a top dr and takes great care of his patients. there is also a nasal... (34 replies)
... Does anyone know if PREMARIN NOSE DROPS and PatulEnd..are one in the same for treatment of PET symptoms???? My specialist in LA says only ...."THE HOUSE EAR CLINIC " in Los Angeles makes this special formula ( the Premarin mixture )...of course when i see him again i will ask...but i thought maybe someone knows...... (7 replies)
... jenny, i am off of modisto, near huntsman. i think it could be myoclonus, that why i asked for the detailed symptoms, as little or big as they are just as detailed as possible. i did not get a referral for either dr. and i have taken a canadian to sismanis with no refferal. but maybe your allergist could do this. i just called and made my appointment, the another dr i was... (66 replies)

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