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... specialist here in Europe, too. He said autophony is one of the main symptoms, but not all patients have this. He had done the surgery a couple of times, and all his patients were satisfied. ... (35 replies)
... trust me. It is definitely patulous eustachian tube. I have read so many personal testimonies over the years on various websites and every symptom is one I've had or still do experience. ... (35 replies)
... is there anyone out there who had effective cartilage graft insertion, to treat Patulous Eustachian Tube ? ... (35 replies)

... I take a medication called premarin, which a chemist has to make. It is in liquid form and inserted through the nose while laying down. It goes into the Eustachian tube and swells it up, and causes just enough scar tissue to prevent patency. I use this medication for six weeks. ... (26 replies)
... ello every body............ I was reading here and it is very comforting to see others with same problems. I was diagnosed with meniers disease in 1977 and also eustachian tube dysfunction. I have experienced and still do most of these same reported symtoms here. ... (35 replies)
... Poe to see what we should do next. The autophony is slight, nothing like it was before the catheter. Also, I can press on the jugular vein in my neck and the Eustachian tube will close. It will stay closed if I keep pressing on it for several minutes. ... (26 replies)
... eustachian tube catheter bluestone" go to page 166. ... (26 replies)
... am going to orlando and sarasota, tampa for drs. in fact i think dr sismanis in richmond would be a good one for you to see, hes my doc, he did my surgery to sever the tendons and as well others. he could sort out the myoclonus symptoms. ... (35 replies)
... read all of my posts, i ended up having myoclonus and the surgery to clip the tendons. make sure you have the right diagnoses... ... (35 replies)
... o sensitive to sound nor am I experiencing autophony. This was more of a problem for me during the first few months and especially when my ENT tried the partial tube surgery. The tapping sound is not as pronounced either which was always at its worst when I was on the phone. The phone is still unpleasant. ... (35 replies)
... artial because he said he could tell from my reaction that it would not help my condition and suspected that might be the case which is why he didn't do the full tube surgery. The most annoying sensations I presently have are the crackling noise every time I swallow and the fullness of air that I always feel in my ears. ... (35 replies)
... It sounds to me like it would be easier to open up a eustachian tube than to get it closing and opening all the time properly. ... (55 replies)
... I've been trying to read everything that I can about this surgery to open up the tube. How is Dr.Poe's surgery for patulous tube different from the surgery that your trying to get done here in Columbus? ... (55 replies)
... For the past year and two weeks, I have been living with a defective eustachian tube. First, there was horrible popping in my left ear. Other times the left ear would feel plugged and tender. ... (34 replies)
... you would only need a tube in the ear if it were over corrected but that has not happened to anyone. ... (34 replies)
... fixed it for a while then the fluid cam back and would not go away and it was because the tumor got so big about the size of a small fist that it closed off the Eustachian tube not allowing air to come and go. Everytime you swallow or sneeze the tube opens and closes real fast. ... (55 replies)
... had a tube placed in my ear because they thought it wasn't opening properly, and I'm just going crazy. ... (34 replies)
... much since getting rid of the PET is your biggest concern. This condition can drive you bonkers because there never seems to be any relief. Hopefully with the surgery you will be back to normal. You said Nathan had a complete recovery? ... (34 replies)
... Sorry Aja but I could not reply to you earlier. It was very busy holiday time for me. Yes, the surgery was done by Dr. Poe. I did not see any improvement afterwards. ... (35 replies)
... about medical issue on the web but, when I typed in Dr. Poe's name and saw the comments I had to get more info. I have been suffering for the last 7 months with Eustachian Tube Patulous on my right side. At first no one knew what it was they put a tube in my ear. ... (1 replies)

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