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... Hi JMusician ! I cannot thank you enough for giving me these numbers. I have been very anxious in the past couple of days not knowing how much the cost on the procedure was going to be. ... (12 replies)
... He came to this decision after a hearing test. He wanted to schedule a surgery for me right away. His rush to go straight to surgery put me off a bit. I asked him about it and he said the only way to see what was going on was to do the surgery. ... (12 replies)
... I realize this is an old thread and the original poster may be long gone, but I wanted to add my thoughts and comments on my experience, specifically as it relates to the original poster's question regarding audio quality after a stapedectomy. ... (39 replies)

... my voice seems very loud. Also I can hear my footsteps as though they're in my head, also very loud so much that I'm walking on my toes on the tile floor. ... (8 replies)
... Hi, I had a stapedotomy on the 21st Spetember 2009 after having lost pretty well most of my hearing progressively over the last 5 years due to Otosclerosis of the middle ear. ... (30 replies)
... I have a question regarding the charges that go into Stapedectomy procedure. ... (12 replies)
... This post got my attention because I just had a Stapedectomy in January. ... (4 replies)
... I know this question is probably ridiculous, but you never I'm going to ask! Does anyone know if it's okay to perform CPR after having a stapedectomy? ... (4 replies)
... the pregnancy question... I was dx'd in my early twenties and knew I was going to have another baby and my doc told me to hold off on the stapedectomy... the hormone surge in pregnancy can speed up ototsclerosis. ... (352 replies)
... Hi Cat1520, Don't worry. This is just normal. This is due to anesthesia. I am sure. I had the same surgery 10 years ago in India. Immediately i got hearing improvement. I just had followed doctors suggestions. "No sneeze". The pulse sensation is also normal. For me it took me 5 -6 weeks to go away. Take rest as much as you can. Who is your doctor? Thanks,... (3 replies)
... I had my stapedectomy surgery 9 days ago. Everything went very well. ... (3 replies)
... You should've gotten an MRI card showing info about your prostethisis. Now a days they are safe for MRI, and most titanium rods are clamp on real tight too. the one I have he told me is some some sort of self sealing clamp and it doesnt' move at all. Mine is titanium too. ... (4 replies)
... Another random you know if he advises patients to get a stapedectomy before they are done having kids? ... (40 replies)
... I took the Antiobiotics and Codeine that were prescribed and I have been feeling pretty good. The last 3 days i have a lot of muffling in my left ear and it feels very full and very itchy. ... (1 replies)
... I had the packing removed yesterday after a Stapedectomy on my left ear ten days ago. ... (2 replies)
... I'm hopeful I should get out of hospital on Saturday. ... (3 replies)
... I hope you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year to you and your family in Croatia. ... (12 replies)
... I had my stepdectomy on Feb. 18th didn t have any complications and actually it was a breeze. I did exactly what the doctor from work for a week...relaxed...and did nothing to a point where I could actually say I am bored. ... (1 replies)
... (6 replies)
... on my left ear. I was under general anesthesia and the surgery was a success. I had no major issues after the surgery. I had a problem with my taste for a few days. I have not had any other side effects, no major pain to report. I did not even have to take the prescribed pain medication. ... (6 replies)

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