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... I think the magical word is the patience for this operation... ... (10 replies)
... Welcome. I'm glad to hear of your good experience. I've had much the same. It hasn't been perfect but it's only been two days. I have some popping and I have mild pain. ... (96 replies)
... It has been a year since I've been released from my doctors care. I still have ringing in the ears and it can keep me awake at night. I try focusing my mind on other things but I can't get past the darn crickets. As for the dizziness it is always there. ... (27 replies)

... I too had a Stapedotomy on December 2nd. I have wanted to post before now, but immediately after the surgery I could not stand to sit in front of my computer. Having anything close in front of my face actually made me feel sick to my stomach. Could not even read a book or magazine. ... (101 replies)
... Thank you all for posting your stories. They are all so positive and are giving me lots of hope for my recovery. I am a 28 year old who just had a stapedectomy on my right ear yesterday. I think surgery went really well. When I woke up from the anesthesia I could hear more than I previously could. ... (352 replies)
... I have been wearing hearing aids for about 7 years now because my first ENT said that a stapedectomy would not be beneficial due to some nerve damage. Finally in late 2011 I decided to visit another ENT which ordered a hearing test. ... (27 replies)
... One thing I notice is a louder ringing in my ear as before the surgery. I'm hoping the ringing GOES AWAY!! I despise the ringing. ... (96 replies)
... I had the procedure done 10 weeks ago, and it has reduced the ringing in my ears a little. It is hard to say if it will do the same for you. For the most part, Dr. ... (352 replies)
... I went to my follow up appointment on Friday. I feel like I have done remarkably well...and I have...but was disappointed to find that I have an infection in my ear. I did not know, because a flap of skin was causing the infection to go further in my ear rather than drain. ... (64 replies)
... Thanx Carol! I feel a lot better after reading your post, I think the whole "earthing" just caught me off guard because it never came up in family conversations....ever, and I have never had hearing issues in previous years, just the last few months. ... (352 replies)
... or anyone who can advise me on this, and even if it is more than one person, I'd like as much input as possible. I work at a school and today was my last day for the summer! Yeah is normally my expression in the years past, but not this summer. ... (96 replies)
... I am new to this board but cannot tell you how great it has been to read the posts and realize I am not alone in my recovery. ... (96 replies)
... Blood, wow, that may work the same way as the vein. I think the scrapping of tissue inside the ear is probably just more trama to the ear, so they've figured out how to use these other methods. ... (96 replies)
... First of all, boy am I glad I found this board after days of googling!!! I'm 23 years old and have suffered hearing loss in both ears since I was 19. The loss was so gradual that I finally noticed its impact when I realised I couldn't catch clearly what my lecturer was saying in class. ... (352 replies)
... I went to my follow up and my hearing has improved, however the high pitched ringing is still there. My doctor thinks it will dissapate in time. I am hopeful! It has been 6 weeks, and he said sometimes it takes 12 weeks. Also, he told me to wear earplugs to allow my ears to heal. ... (7 replies)
... Almost 2 full weeks and so far so good. So far the recovery seems to be progressing a little bit faster than my first stapedectomy. ... (19 replies)
... I have had stapedectomies in both my ears.... ... (8 replies)
... Here is my story. I am 55, and about age 20 I noticed that my hearing was declining in my left ear, accompanied by increasing tinnitus or ringing. ... (101 replies)
... Thanks for the report Janster. I did wonder if the opens and closes would continue forever or eventually go away. ... (352 replies)
... I'd like to tell you my experience on 2 Stapedectomies. The 1st one was 7 years ago when I was 34 and was diagnosed with otosclerosis on the left ear. All went well, very dizzy at home for 1 week and it slowly disappeared completely in 1 month. ... (352 replies)

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