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... My LEFT ear which I had a stapedectomy done on in January 07 is fine. My RIGHT ear that was done in May 07 is the one that got screwed up and is being done again on Dec. 18th, 2007. ... (173 replies)
... then I moved on to "normal" blowing at the 14 week post op mark..and blew it right out of place. I don't wanna scare you but want to make you aware that I was as careful as I could be but still managed to screw it up. ... (173 replies)
... ll be keeping you in my thoughts I know it will all work out.... and I wanted to thank you for all your posts they really helped me to make a decision to get the stapedectomy done and now I am looking forward to doing the other ear. ... (173 replies)

... Hi - Thanks to the healthboards for offering this forum, and thanks to all of you for posting your experiences. I have my stapedectomy scheduled for this Friday, 11/30 in Detroit, and I've spent the last hour reading all of the posts on this thread. It has really helped me know what to expect. I am 44, female, with significant hearing loss on one side. I am an otherwise... (173 replies)
... I don't remember the post op course of my first stapedectomy 10 years ago, my mom said it took 2 weeks to be back to normal. ... (352 replies)
... rth to school...and take of my three I am really feeling horrible and useless. I hope this passes sooner than later so I can get back to work too...MY post op appt isn't until the 18th... ... (352 replies)
... My name is Justine and I'm 18 years old. I just recently had a Stapedectomy on the 19th of September which makes it day 5. ... (352 replies)
... Mos, There probably is packing in your year which would stop you from hearing very low frequency sounds.I had packing in for around 10 days and after the doctor took it off I could hear sounds in more detail. (352 replies)
... needed a CT scan to see what was causing it. The result of my scan showed Otosclerosis, bilaterally, although my hearing in the right ear is near normal. I had a Stapedectomy on July 31st. ... (352 replies)
... Hi. My husband just had a stapedectomy 3 days ago on July 19. He's not much for computers and I happened upon this site and thought I could find some encouragement for him. ... (352 replies)
... Hi Carol - I just moved to the area from Northern VA / DC area about two month's ago - one month after surgery (I drove!). I flew back for my post-op visits. I do need to find a good ENT locally though... would you recommend either of them? I'm sure I'll be going for another Stapedectomy down the road - though hoping it's far down the road! My unoperated ear is... (352 replies)
... I have been diagnosed with otosclerosis and have been to several ENT's for their opinion on stapedectomy and to try and find the one I would have the best confidence in for the procedure. Half of them use a general anasthetic and half use a local. ... (352 replies)
... Topshotta...good luck to you! i'm sure you'll do great! For me: 5 weeks post op I dont really have much of an update. I talked to my ent a few days ago, I'm getting a CT scan on the temporal bones. He suspects the prosthesis slipped so this will confirm it. He says if that's the case, it's fixable, but I'd need to go through the surgery again. What a PITA! I've... (352 replies)
... I am now on post op day 5, and seem to be feeling the usual effect as most of the people here have mentioned. ... (352 replies)
... I had my stapedectomy on my right ear two days ago and am glad I found this forum. ... (352 replies)
... I had my first stapedectomy yesterday morning on my left ear. ... (352 replies)
... I had a right ear stapedectomy on Feb. 7th, 2007. Overall , things went very well. ... (352 replies)
... I had a right ear stapedectomy on Feb. 7th, 2007. Overall , things went well. ... (352 replies)
... Right now when i chew ice or something similar it is extremely loud in the op ear. Also if i scratch my head i can hear it loud in the op ear. So i assume once the swelling goes down it will be all better. ... (27 replies)
... erday at Shands in Gainesville !!! i have read all of your posts for the last couple of weeks prior to my surgery and want to say thankyou for taking the time to post they helped alot... ... (6 replies)

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