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... I feel somewhat "foggy". It seemed to be opening up one day this past week and then suddenly it felt plugged again. My hearing test on my 3week post op showed my hearing of the low frequencies had improved but no improvement on the high frequencies. Tinnitus in that ear is louder than before. ... (13 replies)
... Hello... just checking in. I am going on 4 months post op and all is well. Hearing generally seems to be vastly improved. I haven't been tested since my 1 month post op check up but there is no reason to suspect that there has been any deterioration. ... (33 replies)
... I'm not having the post op issues like before. I have occasional ringing and sometimes I can hear my pulse, but nothing like I had previously. ... (12 replies)

... I am six weeks post op this coming Friday. What you are experiencing is totally normal..seems like we all experience it. ... (141 replies)
... I am 3 weeks 4 days post op..not doing to bad and hearing good too.. If I turn around to quick or raise my head quickly I will get dizzy or even off balanced for a min. or two. ... (9 replies)
... op, thats good! I stopped using the cotton ball after a few days since there was no blood showing on it. My post op visits for both ears was about 2.5 weeks later and the hearing test about 3 months after. ... (23 replies)
... Thanks, guys for getting back to me. What everyone said makes sense and is reassuring. I actually had my post op appointment today. ... (101 replies)
... vaseline when washing my hair. In fact, I also didn't shower during post op. ... (18 replies)
... Day 13 post-op: My doctor removed my ear packing in the post-op appointment on last friday. Just after its removal, I started hearing sounds unclear but louder. He told that it takes 3 or 4 more weeks to get completely cured. Only by now I could hear clearly. Now the sounds like running water or traffic vehicles make me unbearable. Sometimes, I too feel closing/opening... (18 replies)
... Day 9 post-op: My sinus problem is now under control. However, I still have blood thumping/pounding noises in the ear. I still dont hear anything from that ear because of packing in the ear canal. I have my post-op appointment on coming friday, 7th Aug. They will remove my ear packing on that day. I hope to hear some good news with that ear. Keeping my fingers crossed... (18 replies)
... Hi, Day 6th post-op: I was having good time till yesterday with no dizziness/nausea. But with just blood thumping noises in the ear (typical post-op symptoms). But sadly, my sinus problem returned today. I have now runny nose, sneezing with mild headache. Though I feel no pain in the ear during sneezings, I just wonder whether it affects anything?? Also, I want to... (18 replies)
... Had my 2 week post-op yesterday. He took the packing out (had to soak it first) and that was slightly painful. My hearing has been pretty good in the op'd ear, even better than the other ear (in which I wear a hearing aid) and has been since surgery. There are times that I don't seem to hear as well as others, but overall it's been great. Drive-through's are a killer,... (37 replies)
... Waterone, Hang in there - i too woke up one morning and i noticed a HUGE drop in my hearing. I too was a little scared. I told my wife i think something is wrong and wanted to call the Dr. I got on this board and started reading back posts and found out that my hearing was going to change very very often. Some for good, some for bad. Its all in how your ear is healing.... (37 replies)
... Hi everyone! My name is Mike and am so thankful for finding this group. I had a stapedotomy on June 20th on my right ear. It has now been 32 days post-op and I feel great and my hearing is getting better everyday. I have been living with bi-lateral hearing loss due to Otosclerosis for 10 years now. Every single one of you out there can relate when I say that your... (37 replies)
... Sorry to hear about the packing problem-that had to hurt! I had disolving packing, which was very nice. I only had the outer bandage and cotton to remove. My doctor did remove a little gunk at my week appointment, but no pain. Did your Dr. put you on an antibiotic eardrop? I used that for about a month post-op. The swooshing noises are common with the healing process. You... (37 replies)
... Good luck, Carrie!! It is so exciting! We are pulling for you. Be sure to rest a lot. A note about flight restrictions -- check with your doctor. My ear has been so sensitive to pressure, flying is not anything I want to try yet and I had my surgery over three months ago. Certainly not after just a few weeks. Spring time in Texas has really put a number on me. I did end... (173 replies)
... Hi everyone, I am now 2 weeks and 3 days post op. Up until like yesteday, i was clogged up..and then i was messing with my ear and it was like a bit of a wet feeling.. ... (173 replies)
... Hey there... Well, I had great hearing as soon as the packing was taken out but then it went away and has been getting worse since (i'm about 10 months post op). My story is a few posts back if you want to check it out. I would say try to be patient but if after another few weeks or months you are still noticing this, definitely PUSH the issue and even get a second... (173 replies)
... Hi all - 4 weeks post-op Carol I'm so happy for you. How often will you have to see the doc after this? I get my first hearing test in a few weeks. I feel bionic so I'm sure the test will come back with good results. I have been felling great! I still carry ear plugs in my purse everywhere I go, some places are still too loud. I went to the movies, it was so loud. ... (173 replies)
... I am at 13 days post op. ... (173 replies)

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