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... I had the op 6 days ago and am waiting to have the packing out in 6 days' time. ... (41 replies)
... advised the op was successful. ... (17 replies)
... Hello Shad, Did you get your revision surgery done ? I hope everything is working well for you. I'm in the Maryland area too ! I got my surgery done on Sept 10th and its been 22 days post-op and I don't see any improvement in my hearing. I got a hearing test done today and my hearing is more or less at the same levels as pre-op. My doc asked me to wait and get a hearing... (4 replies)

... I'm now at 22 days post-op and its been 17 days since my packing was removed. I had an appoinement with my doctor this morning and then took a hearing test. And my hearing in my operated ear is the same as pre-op and there is a hearing loss for high frequencies. My doc asked me to wait for a month and get a hearing test done again. If the results are same and if there is no... (51 replies)
... I too had a Stapedotomy on December 2nd. I have wanted to post before now, but immediately after the surgery I could not stand to sit in front of my computer. ... (101 replies)
... Hi Soundboy, I am so glad to hear :) that your hearing is so much better after the plug has been removed. I am sure it will improve even further, if I read what lots of other people report on this message board. My plug comes out tomorrow (day 7 post-op), but I can already hear better than before the op. I even had a telephone conversation today holding the phone at my... (101 replies)
... op, and I've had an episode of severe vertigo for the first time today. Fortunately it is better now. I expected that to happen immediately after the op and in the first couple of days, but it didn't, so I was quite surprised to have it for the first time on day 4. ... (101 replies)
... out what was left of my dissolvable packaging and gunk my sound was clear and normal the load hollow noises went away almost immediately and my hearing in my op ear is better than when i had my hearing aid in ... ... (24 replies)
... TXMommy, I guess i lucked out with no pain whatsoever, but I have always had the heartbeat noise in my head along with tinnitus for as long as i can remember. I always thought that those noises were "normal" and that everyone must hear those until i learned later in life that was a "condition". I have maybe barely noticed an improvement in tinnitus on the operated ear,... (37 replies)
... Hi everyone. I am new to this forum. I am 11 days post op and at this point my hearing is far worst than pre-op. The loud sensation came back 3 days after my surgery but quickly regressed. I had significant drainage and returned to my doctor 1 week after my surgery. I have been on eardrops and an antibiotic since last Wednesday and still have basically no hearing in the... (173 replies)
... I still have a strange feeling in my head, I am one month post op. My hearing is much better than pre op. Tinnitus is worse on some days but much improved on other days. Can any one relate to this? ... (173 replies)
... I'm now 12 weeks post op. ... (352 replies)
... Carol, I forgot to thank you (I wrote it in a post that didn't post -- sometimes it seems I have to enter my password twice to post on this forum). Anyway, as I was saying: THANK YOU Carol for your sympathy and, more importantly, for your cheerleading on this forum. You are the new Zip (truly). I read the entire contents of the earlier thread with Zip (which you so kindly... (352 replies)
... Luciano, hope you're recovering well. My dizziness stopped on the 5th day post op. Maybe because I stopped taking the strong painkillers as well then. My doc's like that too. ... (352 replies)
... Hi all! This past wk, I was helping a friend with a webdesign project and was too occupied to think about the ear! *gasp* Today (15 days post op), the doctor removed my packing and everything suddenly seemed so loud esp the smallest noises. I came out of the doctor's room and realised that the ENT centre was very noisy! I actually cringed from the crackling noise when a guy... (352 replies)
... Hi Everybody. First of all, thank you all for your reports. They have made me realize that A, most of my post opt symptoms are normal and B, I HAVE to relax and give it time. ... (3 replies)
... If you took the time to read my other very long post you may remember that I posted that the incision from my surgery came out of the ear canal and onto the side of my head. ... (101 replies)
... To all of you posting your day post surgery number, just wanted to say thanks. Today, I printed up the post on several different threads, to include this one, so I can compare start to finish to see about how many had vertigo problems, etc. ... (96 replies)
... Keep on posting everyone! I know we have a lot of readers who may not post or at least don't post often, but if they're like me they're reading everything and getting encouragement! This is a good thing... ... (352 replies)
... Holy crap, I didn't realize how long my first post was! Sorry about that! ... (19 replies)

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