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... Thanks for posting. I am only 2 days post surgery. I did not have any dizzyness or nausea following surgery. ... (6 replies)
... Hi, guys Went for my 6 week post-op check today and had my hearing test, the hearing in my operated ear is now very close to normal ( between 20-30dB in all frequencies), the dr say it should still have 10-15% improvement when the ear drum tightens and the fluid from my middle clears. I m so happy, since the surgery I have been less anxious about going to meetings as I could... (9 replies)
... Thanks Martin and Cindy. Second day into my antibiotics and feel better, except had to talk a lot at work so started to cough with dry, irritated throat but not sore anymore. My hearing seems stable, though sometime hearing people talk when they r in next room is a bit muffled (but I would not have heard people talk in the next room before the operation, so I am happy)... (9 replies)

... Thanks again, Nickle and congrats on your results so far. I have had excellent results too and just don't want to do anything to jeopardize my hearing. I wonder what happened with Sanguine who writes on here. I think he was about 4 months out from surgery and yet he lost his hearing after flying. (maybe the fistula you talked about?) Anyway, that is what scared me. In many... (18 replies)
... At my follow up 1 week post op I asked the specialist again about the flying. He said it is definitely fine to fly after 6 weeks post surgery. He even told me not to worry about taking allergy tablets prior. ... (18 replies)
... I'm only in week 3 post op. Many people don't report any improvements at all until the third week. I'll post another update once I start using the drops next week. ... (33 replies)
... (141 replies)
... I haven't had the suction yet. I had the cotton balls out 7 days post op. ... (33 replies)
... Hi! So I went and had my hearing test today. I would like to note, I am 15 days post op and my spirits have been restored :-) The hearing test went well. I didn't score to high in my conductive hearing loss but my sensorineural hearing improved! Which showed them that it was successfull but I still need to heal. There is also a lot of "stuff" still in my outer ear as... (33 replies)
... Hi Cindy, Thank you so much for taking the time to respond! I am so glad to hear from someone who seems to be having the same experience as me. I feel like I have read all these posts and am not really experiencing what they are. So, I started to freak out. I am one of the rare cases that only has the otoclerosis in my left ear. It will happen in the right ear... (33 replies)
... BillCindy1: In 3 days it will be 1 month since my surgery. My hearing has returned somewhat. I'm not convinced though that it is at the level it was pre-surgery (which wasn't all that bad- see my previous posts). Unfortunately I feel that there is a weird pressure once again that has returned within the past few days. Sometimes my hearing sounds like I am holding my nose... (41 replies)
... student ryan..was wondering if your hearing has improved many weeks are you post surgery.... ... (41 replies)
... Its been about 2.5 weeks since the surgery. I've progressed pasted the "bionic ear" stage (which was actually kind of fun). Everyone sounded like they were about 5" tall. My hearing has significantly improved post-surgery but has yet to be at the level it was before the surgery which is disappointing to say the least. I started hearing a high-pitched ringing sound in my ear... (41 replies)
... Hello Hopefullyhearin. Good Luck with your surgery tomorrow. Please post your post-op experiences too.. As for me, I got my "stapedotomy" surgery done on Sept 10th and so far everything is ok..I was slightly dizzy for the first two days and then it faded away. I have a follow-up appointment on friday when the doc will remove the dressing/packing and hopefully everything... (49 replies)
... Hi Arlanthe and everyone, Good to know that your ear has "opened". I got the stapedotomy done in my left ear 3 days ago. I had all the "loudness" people are talking about until last night. This is 4th day of my post-op...I woke up in the middle of the night and realized all the loudness is gone. From the last couple of days my own words are amplified a 100 times (like... (49 replies)
... Well, I'm now 13 days post-op, and I just got my outer (gauze) packing out yesterday. The doctor just pulled the packing (yanked it right out!) stuck a tuning fork up to my ear, said "can you hear this?"..."yes"..."okay, we'll see you in two weeks." I can hear now, though definitely not as well as I could before the operation. I asked the doctor what the story was, and... (4 replies)
... Thanks for the reassurance, guys. :) Update: Day 10 post-op - my hearing came back!!! I was playing a game online earlier and all of a sudden I realized something sounded different - well, yeah, because apparently I could suddenly hear in the operated ear! It just sort of popped, and there it was. It still isn't fully there of course and it still feels plugged and so on,... (23 replies)
... My follow-up appointment is three weeks post-op, so August 6th. They didn't tell me anything after the surgery really except "It went well" and instructed me on what to do and what not to do, so I'm not sure if there's internal packing or what's exactly in there! There's been no more heartbeat thumping noise, but today every time I talk it's really loud inside my head and... (23 replies)
... Day 3 post-op and today was probably the worst so far, only because of this obnoxiously loud heartbeat I've been hearing in my ear allll day! "Thump WHOOSH, thump WHOOSH." I'm not sure how I'll be able to fall asleep with this going on. Still no dizziness and not much pain at all since surgery day except for a dull ache here and there. I've been resting and watching movies,... (23 replies)
... Hi Julie, First off hope all goes well with your pregnancy. I know the twins are going to be a lot of work but a lot of joy as well! I have had 8 stapendectomies. 1 in my left ear and 7 in my right ear, so I know a bit about failures. Of the 7 times my right was operated on 2 of those times the hearing was good for about 3 or 4 months each and then failed. But now I... (64 replies)

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