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... I had a stapedectomy 10 days ago. I have known I had otosclerosis for about 10 years. ... (12 replies)
... Thanks to all of you who post on this subject!!! ... (173 replies)
... I am post op day 16 now had minimal ligheadedness in morning after 24 hour shift, but doing well now. ... (352 replies)

... ter having the revision done on Jan 30th, my hearing seemed to improve for a few weeks. The first time I slept on my operated side since the surgery was 3 weeks post op. I woke up the next morning with a stuffy feeling in my ear and it seemed like my hearing had decreased. ... (12 replies)
... Loren, Yes, I did have dissolving packing. My doc did not remove it at the 12-day post-op appointment. They said I had to keep water out until further notice because of the packing. I guess when I go in for a hearing test in a month they will let me know. Instead of a piece of fat, my doctor removed a small piece of vein from my arm. I think they used it as a lining around... (173 replies)
... 12 days post-op - Feel great, no dizzies. After 4 days post-op my hearing has been great. Still some noises are too loud, but I'm getting used to that. I went for my post-op appointment yesterday and Dr. Owens took out the packing. That was a weird feeling and today my hearing seems a little off, but not too bad. I feel very fortunate that I'm feeling so well. I know to... (173 replies)
... First post op visit hearing is normal, pure tone average air post op 13db, bone conduction 5db. He had to vacuum gel plug and old blood out. ... (173 replies)
... HI all, It's so good to see everyone's stories. Recoveries are widely varied which doesn't surprise me too much..... Pops, sizzles, dizzies, ringing, heart beat/blood rushing sounds, ear opens and closes, metallic taste, numbness, zero hearing for first few weeks, different meds different rules from docs, etc. (did I leave anything out?) **** 6 months guys and... (352 replies)
... You have been through a lot and I'm sure the decision to have another op each time has been extrememly hard. Please keep us posted, I'm really interested to know if this last surgery was successful. ... (352 replies)
... I'm looking for advice maybe reassurance. I had my stapedectomy done nearly three weeks ago in my left ear. I had hearing post op straight away. Once the packing was taken out a week later I had sound. It wasn't clear and crisp. ... (1 replies)
... Hi Cat1520, Don't worry. This is just normal. This is due to anesthesia. I am sure. I had the same surgery 10 years ago in India. Immediately i got hearing improvement. I just had followed doctors suggestions. "No sneeze". The pulse sensation is also normal. For me it took me 5 -6 weeks to go away. Take rest as much as you can. Who is your doctor? Thanks,... (3 replies)
... I had my stapedectomy surgery 9 days ago. Everything went very well. ... (3 replies)
... I heard GREAT immediately after my surgery but then three days later I woke up and couldn't hear. I went to my post op a few days later, had the packing taken out but still didn't improve my hearing. ... (51 replies)
My Stapedectomy
Jul 20, 2010
... I have taken the week off from work and will post more as my experience continues. ... (0 replies)
... I had tears of joy running down my face reading the post with all the "things I can hear now" list. I so can relate to that and am glad it worked out well for you. ... (173 replies)
... I have been reading this thread for a while now and appreciate everyone's input. I'm not sure if this is how you post but I guess I am looking for assurance as I am very worried. ... (173 replies)
... may 15th. No complications to report. Wish i had known about this forum months leading to surgery, but sure am glad to have found it! I had pain during 4 hour post op recovery, but as soon as i got my hydrocodone i was fine. Dizziness was the biggest setback. I had no nassea and a big appetite. ... (352 replies)
... Well, just wanted to say hi and tell you my story. I'll check back and post updates when I know something. ... (352 replies)
... gone. No pain at all. Slight pressure still in the op ear. ... (27 replies)
... Hi Ram, The only doc I'm familiar with is Dr. Luxford, who did my surgery. I was happy with everything from pre-op to post-op. I have continued to slowly regain hearing, and now, just over 6 months post-op I have about the same hearing in both ears, so I'm thrilled with the result. I would definitely recommend Dr. Luxford, but again, he's the only one I know at House. Good... (13 replies)

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