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... Well...I am trying to stay as patient as I can as I know this is something that takes time..yup...not doing so well with that at all. I can honestly say I can hear but not the way before I loss my hearing in Dec. This is the second surgery for me...first was 17 years ago. My presthesis came unattached and my dr. went in and replaced with another. recovery is so different... (41 replies)
... To Helen: I had strange ear pressure, popping noises when around a lot of different sounds (think a classroom with 50 people talking amongst themselves), a static sound when I was around loud noises (dance club, bar), and if I slept on my left side the ear felt like it filled with fluid when I woke up. This lasted for nearly a year before I had surgery. They tested my... (41 replies)
... How did your stapedectomy go? ... (40 replies)

... Update: This is my 18th day post-op (stapedotomy). My hearing is getting better, i think. But from the last two days I am hearing some popping sounds when I swallow and yawn..I also feel like my ear (operated) is hollow and I'm hearing my own voice.. Did anyone experience these kinda things ? Is this normal after stapedectomy/stapedotomy ? (49 replies)
... Thanks for the kind words Nadsgal. :wave: I am one day post-op from my stapedectomy. I was originally supposed to go only partially under with the anesthesia. However, I apparently went more deeply asleep than most and had to be intubated. So...a bit of a sore throat, but that's ok with me. So far I appear to be one of the lucky ones...and have had few complications.... (49 replies)
... Sorry to "hear" about the 3 months and no success of any sort. Do you recall anything that may have happened after the 2 weeks? The metal is attached via tissue from another part of the inner ear and if it got loose from a brief incident... Also, do you smoke? Drink excessively? Etc? May have an affect in the adherence of the tissue to heal fast enough, etc. My doc... (101 replies)
... ed. I don't have any drainage, no fever, no redness, I don't think there is any infection, but it really is frustrating. I go tomorrow for my one week post op appointment, so I guess we'll see what they say then. ... (101 replies)
... I had my stapedectomy last Friday & had absolutely no pain or nausea. I took Vicodin for a few days just to prevent pain but can honestly say it wasn't really pain, just discomfort. I have a mild ringing in my ear and when I walk it sort of sounds/feels funny. I wasn't dizzy except for a little the day & day after surgery but just today (5 day's post op) I am dizzy again... (101 replies)
... (6 replies)
... Hi Everyone, I had a stapedectomy done on 09/13/09 on my left ear. I was under general anesthesia and the surgery was a success. I had no major issues after the surgery. I had a problem with my taste for a few days. I have not had any other side effects, no major pain to report. I did not even have to take the prescribed pain medication. I didn't see much of a difference in... (6 replies)
... I just wanted to thank everyone and this board from the bottom of my heart. I had a stapedectomy on July 29. My surgeon is excellent. ... (18 replies)
... The after effects are the same. Just had a stapedotemy and the instructions the doctor gave me were the same as for the stapedectomy. I'm 6 days post op and am experiencing the same side effects as those on the board that had the other operation. ... (1 replies)
... I've been reading stapedectomy reports and forums for 20 days. I had my stapedectomy operation for my right ear 20 days ago, but I am still worried.. If you can help me, I'll be glad. ... (10 replies)
... I had my stapedectomy 6 days ago. on left ear. Hearing in right ear is fine for now. ... (8 replies)
... I hope that you feel better soon, especially with the vertigo. I am going for a consultation with a surgeon in New Orleans who does the operation ofter. I think most people I tell about my needing an ear surgery associate needing this surgery with something minor like putting ear tubes. When I start telling them about the problems after, I am not sure that they believe me or... (37 replies)
... Hi...I am 24 and just had a stapedectomy. -It has been about 5 days post-op -I was wondering if anyone knows if I can Smoke cigarettes or anything for that matter?..I havn't smoked yet and I won't just to be careful...just looking to see if anyone knows the specifics... -ANOTHER QUESTION....I can't really hear anything out of the operated ear and I was wondering if I... (1 replies)
... Hey everyone....just had my Stapedectomy,..After surgery-..EXCUSE MY UNORGANIZED WAY OF sHARING MY EXPERIENCE >>BUT ITS HOW I FEEEL INSIDE hearing in operated ear was extrememly sensitive for about 20 minutes. I could hear my mothers footsteps in the hospital hallway. -ear started to swell and hearing went away. blood and fluid build up i guess. -pretty bad pain i... (37 replies)
... and had instant hearing....heard the patient 2 rooms down getting his discharge directions post op! I was adjusting quite well to my new hearing level until a few days ago when things got even louder! Now I get some vibrations when sounds are loud. ... (96 replies)
... l me that. I just assume that's what I'm feeling based on what others have said. I don't think I have any exterior stitches. I go back on Tuesday for my first post op exam. I have noticed some increase in hearing although I'm not sure if I'm actually hearing better or if the under water sensation just magnifies the sound. ... (37 replies)
... I am now 5 months post op and it has been a roller coaster of on again and off again hearing. However, my prognosis is better than my doctor thought it would be. ... (173 replies)

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