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... The left ear stapedectomy was again peformed by Dr Berenholz at the Lippy Clinic in Warren OH. So far all signs indicate a successful procedure. ... (19 replies)
... Fellow Stapedectomy Warriors............... ... (64 replies)
... Hi I am living in Basel and having the same problem ıs there anyone who has an idea of a specialist in Basel or around I would appreciate that since I am new in this country Thanks (101 replies)

... Reading through the hundreds of pages of "My Stapedectomy Report" has probabaly given me a great understanding of what to expect in the next few months. ... (101 replies)
... d like to thank Soundboy who write " New Stapedectomy Report " last november of 2009 . His report was my first step in this forum. ... (3 replies)
... I'm on day 5 after my left ear stapedectomy and so far I have been feeling great and have no strange sensations or sounds in my operated ear. I don't have the fullness or fluid sensation either. ... (96 replies)
... Hi Soundboy and Hearingbetter. The one thing that I have learned from reading these posts is that while there are similarities in the stories we've shared, it seems that not one experience is exactly like the other. Thank you for sharing a story that seems so hopeful for others who are still waiting for results (like me) and for those folks who are considering having it... (101 replies)
... horough dr that he is, he instead referred me to a specialist who diagnosed me with otosclerosis. That led me to the internet, this forum and the decision for a stapedectomy which I had done 8 days ago. ... (101 replies)
... Hi, I had a stapedectomy 3 days ago, and find the messages on this board very helpful. It is very reassuring to read that other people had similar experiences after the surgery. ... (101 replies)
... success rate. He did say his charts were evaluated over past 5 years by others without any bias. He did total stapedectomy since is most experienced in that, I looked up literature does not matter if it is stapedotomy or stapedectomy it depends on the experience of the surgeon. ... (173 replies)
... op visit, I was so scared, because I read the report about getting the packing out...however, I was fortunate enough to have a Doctor that does a gel antibiotic packing that does not have to be removed!!! ... (352 replies)
... As promised, I am here to report on the stapedectomy for my right ear. ... (352 replies)
... I'm hoping to find some active posters to share their experiences with Stapedectomy surgery and compare notes. ... (19 replies)
... ut 5 years ago and were extremely disappointing. According to the surgeon that performed the most recent one, the previous two were done by an amateur. The first stapedectomy never worked at all. ... (64 replies)
... first say Thank You to all those who posted their experiences here, as they help me prepare for my Stapedectomy. I will post this here and on the main board, My Stapedectomy also. ... (64 replies)
... My name is Ray and I had the Stapedectomy surgery on March 26, 2008. ... (173 replies)
... My Stapedectomy ReCOVERY Report Hello dear Otosclerosis sufferers. I am 33 female and I was having hearing lost for the last 6 years. But recently it went worse and I started to miss a lot of daily conversations and meetings started to be like nightmares and I started to get really upset with people who have quite voice(though I am one of them) and finally decided to have... (101 replies)
... That reminds me of a stapedectomy I had done several years ago. When I got home I was hearing great on that occasion. ... (64 replies)
... Hi - Thanks to the healthboards for offering this forum, and thanks to all of you for posting your experiences. I have my stapedectomy scheduled for this Friday, 11/30 in Detroit, and I've spent the last hour reading all of the posts on this thread. It has really helped me know what to expect. I am 44, female, with significant hearing loss on one side. I am an otherwise... (173 replies)
... Hi all. I just had my first surgery on my right ear may 15th. No complications to report. Wish i had known about this forum months leading to surgery, but sure am glad to have found it! I had pain during 4 hour post op recovery, but as soon as i got my hydrocodone i was fine. Dizziness was the biggest setback. I had no nassea and a big appetite. I found myself eating... (352 replies)

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