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... Update... So I think this is day 36? Not 100% sure actually, but its a little over 1 month. I went for my first post op check up last Friday and everything checked out really well. Just as the first time, my test shows some over closure of the air bone gap. I pretty much could tell the results were good so this was not a surprise to me. The ear feels good. Its still... (19 replies)
... Hi! I just had a question about stape. Surgery recovery. I understand that you can't really bear anything during recovery because of the packing and blood cloths (I can bear when I rub my ear and cotton tho) buy could someone explain to me high and low frequencies? Like what those are? Also am I supposed to be on bed rest for an entire week? I know I can't go to work. But... (19 replies)
... Other than the dry mouth, was it successful? How much did your hearing improve? Were there any other side effects? If I had to choose between hearing impairment and dry mouth, I would probably choose dry mouth. If nothing else, it seems that a dry mouth is more easily treatable. On the other hand, I don't know how severe your dry mouth symptoms are, so it may be much more... (19 replies)

... I would get the second surgery done in a heartbeat if I wasn't so concerned about the mouth dryness issue. Nobody seems to know WHAT is causing the dryness, whether it's an autoimmune disorder or was caused by some damage to the left chorda tympani nerve. So I'm left on the horns of a dilemma, either leave well enough alone and deal with the diminished hearing and tinnitus I... (19 replies)
... No I never really had any mouth dryness. At least nothing I would characterize as moderate or sever. There was some numbness and tingling in my tongue, more so after the first procedure, and it went away pretty soon. I think thats fairly common. I gotta say, I was putting off the second surgery because I thought I was getting along fine after the first one, but wow, its so... (19 replies)
... Day 22 Update... My recovery continues. I started to put the peroxide drops in the ear to dissolve the blood and the packing, and i could hear all kinds of crackling and popping like a bowl of Rice Krispies (just like last time). I'm a few days ahead of schedule with the eardrops- I actually wasn't supposed to start them until Friday but I got a little bit anxious. The same... (19 replies)
... Day 7 Update... No major changes yet. I went back to work today. Tinnitus continues, on and off. It varies from very high pitched tones to some mid-range frequency tones. I expect it will slowly taper off as the ear heals, the packing dissolves, and the hearing improves in the mids and highs. Some mild dizziness persists, but I never experienced the extreme vertigo... (19 replies)
... About 48 hours post op... no major changes in hearing yet. Actually I feel a little bit woozy today, with some mild dizziness or light-headedness, but I'm sure its nothing to be too concerned about... some low frequency sounds are getting through in the operated ear but it hasn't started to open up yet. tinnitus comes and goes... Sounds are pretty loud in my head, like my... (19 replies)
... s in the brain. In patients who have severed the auditory nerve to cure the tinnitus deafness is certain, while stoppage of the tinnitus is not certain. Patients report the screech to remain. ... (27 replies)
... Hi all One month from op and ...... ( suspense music...) I´M HAPPY TO BEGAN TO HEAR BETTER EACH DAY !!!! To hear my sun , now I can use the cell phone with my left hand using my left ear , even to wake me up with the neighbours´noise , jajaja I´m soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy !!! Thanks a lot to all that write on this forum anytime ! God bless you ! Martin (3 replies)
... So glad to hear that you are doing so well and your surgery was a success. I am almost 4mos. and I have to say I am also very happy with the outcome of my surgery on this ear. I can hear so much better then before...thats for sure... I also can hear the bugs flying around my head..something I didn t pick up before... I do have to still put the cotton ball in my ear when... (33 replies)
... Hello... just checking in. I am going on 4 months post op and all is well. Hearing generally seems to be vastly improved. I haven't been tested since my 1 month post op check up but there is no reason to suspect that there has been any deterioration. I still think I lost some extended high frequency sensistivity above 8kHz, but I think my sensitivity is pretty normal up to... (33 replies)
... Hi I had my second control today ( 2 weeks post op) Everything goes well with the " strange sounds" related by many here. My balance is practically 10/10, so ... I´m maintaining my positive actitude and the prevention tips : no water into the ear, blow the nose gently , etc etc and maintain my patient in order to achieve better speech recognition soon. The sutures did not... (3 replies)
... Hi all Today I had my first control, with getting all pack out. All continue OK !!!;) I´ve a little discomfort with loud noises on the street ( motors, ambulance, etc) and I hear many sounds (generally low frequencies) like "unreal" but as long as I read this forum I assume that it´s normal. Best regards, Martin (3 replies)
... And thank you Ashton11 for your recommendation of of the Lippy Clinic. I'm very glad I decided to go with them. (33 replies)
... Mspgh Thinking back, each ear was so different after surgery in so many ways, side effects, result timeline, so forth. I can imagine that no standard exists for how one may progress and experience the results of surgery. You seem to be similar to my progression generally though. (33 replies)
... The first surgery last May 4, the packing was still in when I returned for the one month removal and checkup. The second surgery Oct 5, the packing came out on its own about 30 minutes before I left the motel for my one month' appointment. It will not totally dissolve in either case if like mine. When mine came out it had slid down and was was still in the ear and I just... (33 replies)
... Ashton did you notice a change when they removed the packing, or was there any packing still left in your ear by the time of your follow up visit? I am wondering if it will all dissolve by next friday or what. I'm hoping the bass sounds get back to normal quickly. I am a musician and I am having a hard time playing in loud environments now, even with earplugs. The earplugs... (33 replies)
... If it starts at the 6000 level that is really high. No worries! (33 replies)
... Good report Fogbubble, I think it takes awhile for the brain to adjust to the signals it is getting, at least that is what it appeared to me. Hang in there and soon you will forget the healing part. (6 replies)

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