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... . Hi!I have regained normal hearing in my operated ear after my operation on June 20.I am sorry to be so candid,but please do not listen to a doctor when s/he says just to show his/her competence that you do not need any care etc. I did not leave my room for 7 days after stapedectomy and did not go out of my home for 15 days and did not blow my nose for more than 30 days and... (8 replies)
... Forgot to ask..............Has anyone had any problems flying after a stapedectomy? (8 replies)
... Ohhh,that's too bad,sorry to hear that. Do you know what causes that kind of damage? I'm trying to figure out whether my doctor made a mistake and caused the nerve damage. I'm extremely upset and can't believe that I won't regain any hearing in my left ear. I'm still trying to accept the news. My advice to anyone is: do a research on your ENT before you let the person touch... (12 replies)

... It didn't for me. My stapedectomy was June 20, 2011 and I really didn't expect to hear better till the packing came out a week later. ... (12 replies)
... I had my stapedectomy 13 days ago. Today I went in to have the packing removed and was told that I had a healthy scab and that everything was great. ... (12 replies)
... They think I have it in both ears but at this time only my left was affected severely. Eventually my surgeon told me that I would possibly need it in my right as well. My surgeon took the packing out today along with a very healthy looking scab as he described. The sounds only came with the surgery as far as the high pitched bionic or Alien sound but went away after a few... (2 replies)
... I had my Stapedectomy on June 20, 2011, so I am 11 days post-op. Loud noises hurt my ear, but after I had the packing removing and drops put in, my hearing is worse than before the surgery. It seems like I hear voices but they are garbled, like I am under water. (12 replies)
... Hi, you know,you just made my day. I feel a little better knowing that there is still hope for the positive outcome of this surgery.Thank you,lol. Today my ear feels very plugged, its really annoying but I will do my best to stay positive and be patient. My doctor told me that he removed just some of the packing so I'm hopeful that there is still too much of it for me to hear.... (12 replies)
... Did you have otoscelerosis in one or both ears? And did you have that bionic sound and you heard everything or is it a muffled sound ?Were you told that you will be able to listen better after packing is removed. Mine will be removed after 21 days.Sorry for so many questions.But do reply. (2 replies)
... Hi! I had a stapedectomy,exactly 11 days ago and I could hear only yesterday for the first time.Even now the sounds are muffled and seem to come from quite a distance.Please do not worry and keep your fingers crossed.I don't think the doctor has removed all the internal packing because wounds normally take at least 21 days to heal. Remain hopeful.Wish you best of luck. (12 replies)
... I'm actually happy to report that I had a little 'pop' Today and the clarity of my hearing in that hear improved somewhat. ... (11 replies)
... I've heard that the removal of the debris is VERY noisy, and I'm dreading it tomorrow. I'll report in after I get back from the surgeon. ... (11 replies)
... Just wanted to update this and say that my hearing has really improved since posting. I called my dr. due to my nasal congestion and dizziness and now feeling like the worse head cold and he prescribed me an anti-biotic and nasal decongestion. It seemed like my hearing was getting alittle better over the weekend and Sunday with one of my many many sneezes I felt my ear pop... (1 replies)
... Great news !! I had my Right ear done this morning (3/2/2011). It went perfectly!! No nausea, No ringing, on a scale from 1 to 10 the pain was/is .01 You wouldn't even know I had anything done if it weren't for the gauze bandage in my ear. I even went to the drive thru on our way home. Dr Tagge even kept the stapes bone for me. (per my request) ;) I have very... (4 replies)
... loud and clear. Perfectly usable on the phone and augments my better ear very nicely. Constulant visit on Tuesday, will report back after. ... (51 replies)
... I feel like a frequent flyer around here in all my posts - hope they help. I'm pretty much exactly 2 months into it and in one word: phenomenal. I have another followup on the 9th to see progress but I can tell you now - the fact I don't have to ask people to repeat, I can listen to the TV with my wife at normal decibels, I can hear the smallest of normal sounds (floorboards... (101 replies)
... Glad to hear about your success! I am now at 3 and 1/2 weeks post surgery. The doc says my eardrum has healed completely and my dizziness is nearly completely gone. She went ahead and tested my hearing in my formerly going deaf ear and it is now nearly normal (with more healing to happen). I feel a bit like a walking miracle and it is so nice to be able to hear again in... (101 replies)
... I lived in Basel for a year Right on the German border (literally) - gorgeous place! Can't help you with a doctor, though - sorry. I know that they've been doing these procedures since the 50's so see if you can find one who has a LOT under their belt - ask all the questions! (101 replies)
... Glad that your hearing is improving. (101 replies)
... Is there anyone who can recommend a doctor in Switzerland, Basel Thanks ın advance Cheers Bilgen (101 replies)

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