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... month-check-up details: Not much to add. He took out some more padding (FELT SO NICE to get rid of that!) and talked to me about current state. He sucked out bits and stuff and shoved some powder in it. Need to use some drops for a while as well. He said it's 75% healed. The sucking was VERY loud and painful at times but good to get the gunk out considering I can't touch... (101 replies)
... Week 5 (tomorrow): I have my 1 month appointment this Friday to see progress. So, what have I experienced so far? MUCH!!! Hearing: It's MUCH better! In fact, it's better than my unoperated ear in most respects. The cell phone volume is too loud on that side, I can hear WAY too many creaking floor boards now (old house), and in general an amazing "liberation" of sounds... (101 replies)
... Hi all, Remember: PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE. :D -Carol- (101 replies)

... Day 12: The pressure seems gone and the thumping heart thing seems to have disapeared - though it comes back here and there when heart rate elevated - no biggie. At around day 9, walking home from work, there was a giant pop and the ear seems to have cleared somewhat. Was just like when landing on an airplane and all of a sudden you could hear better. Hearing IS better. I... (101 replies)
... Day 7 - Quick rundown on stats: the pressure has somewhat died down but still there & the heart-beat sound is back in the operated ear. Now the loud tinnitus pitch is accompanied by a low hum (kind of like a vibration) - and they both alter in volume. Well, at least I now have 3 consistent sounds on the operated ear - a million more to go, right!? :dizzy: Doc (on Monday)... (101 replies)
... I'm new here and have been reading up on reports and results of everyone - MUCH appreciated in your experience - has made it tremendous in knowing I'm not alone! My procedure was done last Wednesday (5/19/10) based on symptoms similar to everyone except for a few others that my doc was a little puzzled by. Perhaps you all could chime in. My ears got pressurized even as I... (101 replies)
... Wow Keren, how scary it must be for you not having enough info before the surgery. You are brave. I did have slight bleeding after but not alot, just a little. Only lasted 2 days, if that much. I was put on antiobitics and ear drops after both of my surgeries to prevent infections. The tinnitus should clear up after awhile. The first week or so you will still hear ear... (7 replies)
... Hi there, I'm so releived that this forum exists! I've been kind of coping on my own with this and am in serious need of a bit of reassurance! I've been reading up on all the different experiences, and I'm filled with respect for all of you, and amazement that the recovery is so varied. I had my right ear 'done' on 21 April because I was found to be just about totally... (7 replies)
... It's been 4 mo, next week will be 4 mo. I went back at my 2 mo appt and they did a hearing test and it is not where it should be. I can hear some, but not like I should. I told the dr that if this is as good as it gets I am happy with it. He said, oh no, he expects nothing but perfection. He said it is nothing I did, we will just have to wait and be patient which he said... (7 replies)
... Hearing Sure, I am wondering hwo you are two months later? Did youi ear ever "open" and stay open? (7 replies)
... Interesting, I am almost 48 hours post op. It is hard to tell how much hearing I got back. I can definitely hear something in that ear, because when I gently rub the cotton ball I can hear it, as well as when I tap on my ear tab. I haven't noticed a "loud" return of sound like some people seem to have noticed. Did anyone notice that it took awhile for sound to return to... (4 replies)
... So now i am week 6 after the surgery and I dont have my follow up hearing test till the 8th of april. I think im hearing better but am not sure. I am having A LOT of headaches. MY ear goes back and forth to hearing and in a tunnel sound. Its not really painful but more sore and sowllen feeling. The outside of my ear where the top lobe meets the bottom feels like there is... (101 replies)
... Hi I had my surgery three days ago and I haven't experienced any pain, ache or dizzyness. Maybe I've been really lucky but the only side affect I seem to have is that I have this strange taste in my mouth. The operation went well according to the surgeon and i have an appointment in four days to remove the inner packing. I hear strange sounds in the operated ear... (101 replies)
... Where is Basel? When I Googled it I got several hits in Switzerland. (101 replies)
... Had my visit this week. It was what I expected. Audiogram is unchanged since last one 2 months ago. And the Doctor asked me if I still wanted to have the left ear done!!! :eek: I still actually have hope this ear may get better. Told doc about the pressure and numb feeling and he has given me a script for a much more aggressive round of steroids. Hoping that if these... (101 replies)
... Hi TaniaHop: I am almost 4 weeks post-op (Feb. 16) . Just as you described, had more side effects than expected and the dizziness has become worse. My doctor prescribed steroids (as hearing results weren't great) and now I'm on day 9 of prednisone. Wondering if you still feel dizzy and what if anything you did against that? good luck on your recovery! (101 replies)
... Hello everyone. Been awhile since I posted. I have popped in and read other postings, just did not take the time to make a post of my own. Hope everyone is healing and progressing well. I am now at a little over 3 months post surgery (December 2nd). I have not had much, if any, change since my last posting. Still have the pressure feeling in the operated ear. Hearing... (101 replies)
... Wednesday, March 3rd, Today my Dr. removed the packing and cleaned the canal. He vacuumed too and boy was that loud. I can hear! I can now hear my own voice through the ear canal! I have some music on right now and it's strangely out of tune between the now good ear and the un-operated one; it's the craziest thing I've ever heard. Also, I still get a slight distortion... (4 replies)
... Monday, March 1st, Hello, it's been one week since my surgery and things have been pretty uneventful. I haven't experienced any dizziness or vertigo whatsoever, although I was having trouble sleeping the first few nights because of the medication. I was taking Methyiprednisolone which was keeping me awake, but I'm still taking Avelox and I have some ear drops as well. So,... (4 replies)
... This past week I noticed some tinnitus in my right ear. Even at night some ringing, just comes and goes, happens maybe once or twice a night. I am hoping it is nothing serious aned I am trying so hard to be patient and not worry. I am now at about week 7 of my surgery. I don't go to the doctor till the 10th. I sure hope that by then things improve. My ear hasn't tried... (7 replies)

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