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... Ok day 18 Called my surgeons office and they havent called back. When i gently touch any part of my operated ear it did a clicking noise now its a squishy clicking noise. Im worried about this. No pain or dizziness just frustraiting. I can hear a bit better didnt really notice till i went back to work and could hear people. Still cant lift anything over 25 pounds but have... (101 replies)
... Yay...great to hear so many positive stories from hearingbetter, bunny, lucious and ponderous. @ ponderous I'm about the same stage nearly 3 months, my hearing is at a point where i'm definitley happy, but hope for a little more ( I actually still have a perforated ear drum from the operation which i'm waiting to heal) Which means still no swimming or water in my ear at... (101 replies)
... ok so this is day 16 not dizzy not in pain had my packing takeb out on the 7th day. I realize there is dissovable bandaids in my ear that have to come out but im frustrated. Day 9 my ear popped and all day long i could hear and loud. next day and for days after im like in a wind tunnel. Now when I touch my ear slightly i hear clicking. Im all done my ear drops dont have... (7 replies)

... Hearingbetter: Good luck on your continued recovery and keep us posted on how it goes for you! I would have freaked out had my hearing gone completly away after the surgery, even for just a short period of time! I couldn't imagine how that felt, but I'm glad that it popped and it 'sounds' like things are progressing! Bunny: Patience patience patience lol It sounds like... (101 replies)
... ok so i had my surgery on the 5th of Febuary its like the 14th. First day i woke upi was so dizzy and nauseous but that passed. All i wanted to do the next 3 days was sleep. I had to have my mom wash my hair in the tub for me. day 7 i had my packing taken out and that hurt. I was dizzy but not bad for 6 days after surgery. day 8 my ear crackled like an on and off switch... (101 replies)
... sarahebeth, I, too, am in Arkansas. Who did your surgery? (101 replies)
... TaniaHop: The tuning fork is a quick way to see if your stapes is still absorbing the sound rather than transmitting it to the inner ear. Basically, those of us that had Otosclerosis, we would hear just about everything internal. Going to the dentist for me gave me headaches if I had cavitys filled, and checking 'loud' food caused me not to hear what people were saying. ... (101 replies)
... Did you get the hair washing thing worked out? I know this is late, but here's how I manage with long straight hair: a cotton ball smeared with vaseline (thin layer). Plastic wrap tucked around my ear and taped. Folded wash cloth over that which I hold in place while I wash my hair with one arm - head leaning to the side with my taped ear facing up. To get the shampoo and... (101 replies)
... Congratulations deafleopard!! I'm so happy for you! It's good to read another success story. I hope you'll post after your hearing test in March and let us know how that goes. I go in this morning for my one week (I'm actually at 9 days) follow up. Fingers crossed! Congrats again! (101 replies)
... Hello all again, I went in Monday and had the remainder of the packing removed and the ear canal cleared out. That was such a relief. The packing was actually starting to itch and hurt. I can really tell a differnce now in my hearing in the operated ear. I can hear so much better. I still am wearing a hearing aid in my right (unoperated ear). I can't tell you what a... (101 replies)
... :wave:Hi all! I just had my annual checkup on both ears (had left ear done Jan 07, right ear done May 07 - right ear revision Dec 07) and everything is great. Doc said.."See you in two years for another checkup". I just read up on the current reports that have been posted from all the new brave warriors on their quest for bionic ears. I wish you all the best! Post... (0 replies)
... It has been 3 days since my surgery and boy am i getting sick of this packing!! I dont see my guy till thursday and hopefully hes taking the packing out. Most likely he'll put fressh stuff in. My ear is itchy thats a good sign right?? I ant tell if i can hear any better. Frustrated i cant wash my hair properly any hints? (101 replies)
... Hello everyone! :wave: Deafleopard, thanks for your encouragement and support. It was good to "hear". Bunny02, hang in there. I'm sure the nose blowing thing is going to be fine. I had my first post-op appointment today (10 days out). The doctor removed the stitches behind my ear lobe (where he took the fat plug). Said everything looked fine. He wants me to give... (101 replies)
... Soundboy, Man, no swimming!?!? Since you are in Australia you are having your summer where we are having our winter here in the US. And in 2 - 3 months you will be moving into your fall. That sucks that you can not enjoy your summer in a cool lake or at the ocean! I love Snorkeling and would miss it if I could not go for an entire summer. Especially like taking a trip to... (101 replies)
... It is now day 6 post op. I put my headphones to the tv on my operated ear and I can just barely hear sounds from them. My ear is still a long way from clearing all the fluids. After reading the other posts here It looks like weeks before things settle down. Monday I get the stitches removed from the place where the doctor took tissue to pack the eardrum. How long before... (101 replies)
... Well I went back to the ENT and no the perforation has not closed. He said it still hasn't given up healing so I have to leave it for 2 months and then go back. Not bothering to get a hearing test till then as this problem will still be cutting my hearing potential. Ear still feels really full and slightly uncomfortable, still don't like lying on it. Hearing is better in... (101 replies)
... Soundboy, how is the ear drum? Has the perforation healed closed? This week I actually feel like there has been a small improvement in my hearing. But, still have the pressure and numbness feeling. To make it worse I got new glasses and the arm is rubbing on the ear and no adjustment makes it feel better. I think the ear is just oversensitive from the surgery. My old... (101 replies)
... Ahh...That must have felt a bit dissapointing. But hang in there I feel like my ear is still really full after 6 weeks. Feels strange to lie on that side and the high frequencies are pretty much non existant. I go back in a week to see if my perforated ear drum has healed...hope so. (101 replies)
... Had my hearing test today. Results confirmed what I already knew. :( The hearing is just about where it was pre-surgery. There was a slight improvement in some of the lower frequencies, maybe 5 - 10 db. But higher were almost identical to pre-surgery. One thing I noticed during the hearing test is that the tones in the surgery ear sound more muffled than the... (101 replies)
... Reidan-It sucks that you have that cold! I do hope the meds help quickly. I had a very similar cold the week before surgery and I know the DR said that if it wasn't COMPLETELY gone, he wouldn't operate. Hopefully the antibiotic will completely clear it up. That's interesting, too, that you both had the tissue taken from you face area. I had mine taken from the little... (101 replies)

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