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... Hello all. I had a stapedotomy on August 29th, 2008. It's been about 12 days since the operation and I don't notice hardly any improvement in my hearing. What concerns me more is the constant sense of imbalance I have when I move my head, lay down or walk around. It's not severe but very noticable and annoying. Anyone have any ideas about how long this might last? I... (64 replies)
... WOConner - I also go back on the 30th for my post-op hearing test, but it will be my first one. I am only on Day 4. I have had ringing too, but it comes and goes. Your explanation makes sense - as I am feeling better, the ringing is getting better. It was bad enough on Day 2 that it made me miserable - I couldn't hear anything over the ringing. Now it is just in the... (64 replies)
... Well its Day 11..and well I am doing everything I did prior to surgery..No pain..went to get the packing removed but its bonded to the ear drum so the Dr gave me ear drops to disolve it..Im still on Sterioids to help get rid the swelling that may be causing my ringing. I did find though in the morning I dont have much ringing..and later in the day is when it comes so I am... (64 replies)

... I have a slight Pain..But If I take Tylenol it goes away. No Antibiotics prescribed I guess I'll find out if I need it when I go for my checkup. I dont know if the packing he put in has medicine in it.I have Vicodin that he prescribed..only a 4 day supply..That stuff Works Great. I save it for when I sleep so I dont have any pain keeping me up. I have ringing in my ear. I had... (64 replies)
... the doctor didn't give you any antibiotic?really? i've another question...I feel sometimes a little pain in my ear, do you feel the same? sorry for my english, I'm italian (64 replies)
... I did not Get any Antibotics. I just got Vicodin for the Pain but was told to use Tylenol after 2 days. Just little pain that is bearable but nice not to have any pain. Its sensitive on the side of Surgery if I rub the skin near the ear I can hear it,. Its day 4 on recovery. All I have is a ringing in the ear..But until My ear is healed..I dont expect it to be perfect. I can... (64 replies)
... may be you're right, I will take it for 7 days...that are 9 days because I've taken it also the day of the surgery and the day after...but one day more it's not a problem (or it is..for my candida albicans..but one day more will not change things so much I think) (64 replies)
... Hi everyone, I had a cholesteatoma removed on July 1, (originally thought it was otosclerosis, but it was actually a benign tumor instead with the same symptoms as otoschelrosis). Anyway, all my restrictions are basically the same as for you guys, (even the sheet the Dr's office gave me list what to do while recovering from both surgeries). Anyway, I have the packing still... (64 replies)
... I have been reading this thread for a while and decided I should finally join. My surgery is scheduled for 10 days from now, and I am getting nervous. Reading all of your posts has been extremely encouraging, since many of you have felt the same way pre-op. I am a 2nd grade teacher, and it is so important to be able to hear all my students, even the shy quiet ones! ... (64 replies)
... Leon, Thanks for your encouragement. I appreciate it! I'll keep you posted. Have a great evening! Julie (64 replies)
... Hello Leon and thanks for replying! Thanks for the encouraging words too. I just don't want to not enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy obsessing about my ear! I just would think that if the prothesis were to fail, it would not have waited 8 months to do so? Also, I have to look at my paperwork, but I'm pretty sure I had the laser stapendotomy and not the... (64 replies)
... Hi Julie, Since you said that: "It's weird because when I was about 8 months pregnant with my first daughter, this same thing happened in this same ear. About 3 days after I was home from the hospital, my ear cleared up. Seems too weird it's happening again just the same way." It seems if it were me I would be thinking that direction before I would be that the... (64 replies)
... Hello and thanks Leon!!! I know, I'm trying not to freak out thinking my surgery went bad. It seems too much of a coincidence that I'm about 4-6 weeks away from giving birth and this just pops up now after 8 months of it being perfect. How can the prothesis slip out of place????? Wouldn't you have to have some kind of trauma for that to happen? It's weird because when... (64 replies)
... Hi Julie, First off hope all goes well with your pregnancy. I know the twins are going to be a lot of work but a lot of joy as well! I have had 8 stapendectomies. 1 in my left ear and 7 in my right ear, so I know a bit about failures. Of the 7 times my right was operated on 2 of those times the hearing was good for about 3 or 4 months each and then failed. But now I... (64 replies)
... Hello everyone! It's been a VERY long time since my last post! I had a stapendotomy on 10/19/07 and right after my 1 month post op I became pregant--with twins!!! It's been a rough pregnancy so I've not been posting at all. My concern is it's been 8 months since my successful surgery, but the last few days I've notice my hearing in my operated ear is starting to sound... (64 replies)
... Wow, your assement sounds reasonable. I wouldn't jump to conclusions, however if you can put the phone to your right ear and not hear the dial tone at all, you may be right. I usually check my hearing by putting my finger in my unoperated ear to see how much of the TV I can hear. You might try turning the TV on with the sound up moderatly high and then put a ear plug in... (64 replies)
... Bob Hasnt' this been an amazing journey! I'm so glad we have had each other. It is funny how each of us started on with our hearing lives and have posted less. I am so happy to hear of your hearing success. I will post mine in mid July when I have mine. I actually just got my bill a little under one thousand, yikes! Not sure how that one will be paid but being able to... (64 replies)
... Bob, congrats on your great results and thanks for sharing your time line to better hearing! (64 replies)
... Cangrat's! It has improved significantly. (64 replies)
... Heys guys... where did everyone go :-) Went to the Dr today for my 6 weeks check up and hearing test. Here are the results. Hz 250 500 1K 2K 4K 8K Then 65 60 60 45 45 40 Now 10 25 20 30 45 40 This has improved my hearing so much. (64 replies)

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