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... My Stapedectomy recovery: I'm at week four post op from my Stapedectomy surgery and went to a spin class that my surgeon approved of (finally). Since the class this morning, I have had rushing sounds surging in my ear. I'm pretty scared that I've gone and done something to my ear, but I did wait the four full weeks as I was supposed to. The music was WAY too loud, (although... (19 replies)
... I know that with otosclerosis, the general consensus is that the bone gap should be at least 20-25 dB before you are a candidate for a stapedectomy. My surgeon closed a 30 dB bone gap in my left ear with the stapedectomy. (19 replies)
... uences, including digestion issues due to the lack of saliva, that hearing impairment does not. But you're right that damage to the chorda tympani nerves due to stapedectomy is not a common side effect. ... (19 replies)

... I had a stapedectomy in my left ear in April 2011. I have delayed getting the second stapedectomy because I started to experience mouth dryness after the first surgery. ... (19 replies)
... I live on a hill overlooking the city of Pittsburgh. After my first stapedectomy last February, I realized that I could hear the city at night when I would leave the windows open. ... (19 replies)
... pparently some high frequency sensorineural loss is not uncommon after a stapedectomy. But apparently it also takes longer for high frequencies to return after a stapedectomy too. ... (33 replies)
... yes, I've ringing, just after the surgey i heard some fiiiiiiii, but it stops, and the doctors said that it's very normal to have ringing after the stapedectomy and that it will stop I hear the boom boom of my heart in the ear, but not loud, it's not fastidious. ... (64 replies)
... If my Dr. prescribed antibiotics for 7 days, I would take them for seven days. Although I didn't have a stapedectomy, I had a benign tumor removed and 2 of the middle ear ossicles were taken out ...the malleus and incus because of the destruction from the tumor. My stapes is now attached to the ear drum and we are hoping that hearing will be normal after recovery. My Dr.... (64 replies)
... Well, I just wanted to say that a while back, I was thinking that I would need to have this surgery, according to what my local ENT. He sent me to a specialist in New Orleans and he said I have a cholesteatoma, which is a non-malignant tumor in my ear, not otosclrosis. A CT scan confirmed it. I just returned from having the surgery today and have all the same precautions of... (64 replies)
... In the stapedectomy is the entire footplate is removed and replaced with a prosthesis. With the stapendotomy the entire footplate is not removed. ... (64 replies)
... Hi, I am new to this board and have been reading these messages and have learned a lot so right up front thanks for all your post and responses. I had a stapedectomy on Wednesday 6/18/08 at the Shea Ear Clinic in Memphis Tn and was performed by Dr. John Shea. Wednesday 6/18 - Stapedectomy Surgery on my right ear. All went well. Thursday 6/19 - Stayed a day for Dr.... (64 replies)
... Sheila, Just thought I would drop you a line to see how things have progressed since your last surgery. I hate to hear of this one unsuccessful testimonial in my twelve years after surgery. I had my left ear done then and was very impressed and relatively shy of any negative issues. After this amount of time passed I am looking to get the other ear done, and just stumbled... (6 replies)
... but I appear to have lost all hearing in my operated ear. All my other symptoms seem typical when I read the "my stapedectomy report" thread. But I wonder about the hearing loss and if there is any hope for recovery. ... (6 replies)
... At this time, I do not think I will be having the stapedectomy on my other ear. I know I may change my mind in a few months if I have significant hearing improvement and when this recovery phase is over. ... (173 replies)
... Please look below on this Hearing Disorders forum for two threads titled "My Stapedectomy Report". There, you will find pages upon pages of peoples firsthand experience with this surgery. ... (2 replies)
... Sagrie.. Right above the top posting on this page in bold black letters is the phrase... Hearing Disorders Message Board Under that it Message Boards > Health Issues > Hearing Disorders > stapedectomy Recovery Rate Click on the one that says "Hearing Disorders" it will bring up a list. (7 replies)
... Hi! Carol I am very new at this so please can you direct me on how to go to the Thread? Thanks (7 replies)
... Join us at the other thread about stapedectomy recoveries. Lots of good info there. ... (7 replies)
... I had stapedectomy done in both the ears. My stapedectomy was done at shea ear clinic, they invented this procedure in 1956. ... (352 replies)
... I had a stapedectomy on my left ear nearly 3 months ago. ... (352 replies)

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