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... this is day 9 after stapedectomy, I hear the sounds very loud, it cause me also a very big stress, I'm alqways crying!! i don't know if I'm crying for the joy and happiness to hear or because of the stress..I just want to say to all : go to the surgery, I was afraid but now my ear can hear very much better! i just want to ask you for how many time we have to limit the... (64 replies)
... I don't like to overdrug myself. I've read the med sheet on it, but it doesn't have a section for Stapedectomy Recovery on it! ... (64 replies)
... hello everybody, I've done stapedectomy in Italy on wednesday (9 july), now I've the package in my ear and i don't hear well, but I can hear something because I've tried to put the phone near to my ear and I hear..but I don't know how much...this is normal I hope..also for you was the same? or you can hear well immediately? They put me on antibiotics for 7 days after surgery,... (64 replies)

... Fellow Stapedectomy Warriors............... ... (64 replies)
... It does not seem like this thread has been getting much traffic. But just in case, I wanted to post an update that might inspire anyone considering a stapedectomy. I went in today for my three week check-up and had the rest of my packing removed. Everything is healed and when I had a follow-up hearing test, the hearing in the affected ear was almost perfect! Such a wonderful... (64 replies)
... Good Luck and go read the threads called "my stapedectomy report". There are 3 parts with lots and lots of good information. ... (3 replies)
... Hey Jill, Just a quick not of advise from my successful surgery 12 years ago. I was doing a bit of flying at the time with my business, and my ENT highly suggested I wait until I had at least 90-120 day window before flying. In fact he did not want me driving over Mt Hood passes from west to eastern Oregon (3,000 ft.) for the same duration. You may want to inquire within your... (64 replies)
... Hi Everyone! My name is Jill and I have recently been diagnosed with Otosclerosis. My doctor is recommending a stapedectomy in my right ear. I am nervous about the surgery because I am a Flight Attendant. ... (64 replies)
... Thanks for the advice! I think that this 3 to 6 months you talk about must last VERY LONG!!!!!!!! For me, I am still not sure if I will need the surgery. My ENT told me to go back at the beginning of June, and then he will review my progress. I just really think that is what he will continue to recommend. Since I work at a school and we finish the last week of May, I guess I... (173 replies)
... Hi all, Wow, nice to see great results. Becca- I had tears of joy running down my face reading the post with all the "things I can hear now" list. I so can relate to that and am glad it worked out well for you. Mylesmom - forgot the most important one.... PATIENCE...PATIENCE...PATIENCE. 3-6 months for full recovery and hearing to stabilize. Also, I... (173 replies)
... I cannot believe I found this forum. To all of you who have had the operation and have posted your progress, I want to thank you. I hope that all who are still in the recovery stage continue to improve. :angel: To those of you who have gone through it more than once, wow! I hope you never have to go through it again. I work at a school and have off this week for spring... (173 replies)
... Hi Rachelclairek , I had my stapedectomy on 9/27/07. My footplate came loose during the surgery ( or maybe it was loose before the surgery and I just didn't know it ). My doctor had to take out my footplate and attach the prosthesis to the footplate. He then put the footplate back in my ear. Of course both parts are very tiny and they had to be reattached within a... (173 replies)
... I had a stapedectomy yesterday and was disappointed to hear that the plate floated and the operation was abandoned. ... (173 replies)
... Mommy thanx for writing. I have read many papers on the internet ragarding the tensor tympani and stapedial muscles are cut for some stapedectomy operations, this is done so the surgeon can get better access to the stapes bone and also for better visual of the middle ear cavity and a better visual of the stapes bone and oval window. Somebody here who has had the surgery... (173 replies)
... During some stapedectomy operations, doctors cut the tensor tympani and stapedial muscles! ... (173 replies)
... Has anyone had their Stapedial or Tensor Tympani Muscles cut in their stapedectomy operation? ... (173 replies)
... Hi everyone, I have been reading this thread for a while now and appreciate everyone's input. I'm not sure if this is how you post but I guess I am looking for assurance as I am very worried. I am about 3 1/2 weeks past my stapedectomy. At 3 days post-op I had the loud noise as many have talked about. This regressed rapidly and I was seen in the office one week later ... (173 replies)
... My apologies if i am jumping in at the wrong spot. I am scheduling a stapedectomy for my right ear in april. I have always been some what hard of hearing. I find it difficult to hear people at a distance. ... (173 replies)
... Hi, I was diagnosed a few years ago with otosclerosis in my right ear. It started out with a faint ringing that progressively got worse. Now I constantly hearing ringing, buzzing, fluctuating tones. At times it feels like I have a cotton ball shoved in my ear. Anyway, the doc suggested a stapedectomy. He said there was a 1% chance of facial drooping. On that note, even... (173 replies)
... Hello, I am very new at this. I am day 12 after my Stapedectomy,still have pain. The cold really bothers me. I have no taste and my toungue is still numb.:( When will this get better?? The hearing comes and goes, they ring all the time and it still has some swelling.Tonight is not a very good night it really hurts. I shoveled snow today, did I do something I should have... (173 replies)

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