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... Hi Everyone, I had my stapedectomy on 10/4/07. Today is the guess that would be day 6. After surgery, got very sick..vomiting...the spinning was really bad..I had to stay overnight in the hosp and even the next morning everything was still spinning. Never had any ear pain at all...just feels muffled from the packing. Mouth and tougue were somewhat numb..but... (352 replies)
... I learned about the possibility of a stapedectomy about a month ago and I have been excited about it. I went to my first consultation appointment yesterday. ... (352 replies)
... My name is Justine and I'm 18 years old. I just recently had a Stapedectomy on the 19th of September which makes it day 5. ... (352 replies)

... Mos, There probably is packing in your year which would stop you from hearing very low frequency sounds.I had packing in for around 10 days and after the doctor took it off I could hear sounds in more detail. (352 replies)
... needed a CT scan to see what was causing it. The result of my scan showed Otosclerosis, bilaterally, although my hearing in the right ear is near normal. I had a Stapedectomy on July 31st. ... (352 replies)
... Hi. My husband just had a stapedectomy 3 days ago on July 19. He's not much for computers and I happened upon this site and thought I could find some encouragement for him. ... (352 replies)
... Hi Carol - I just moved to the area from Northern VA / DC area about two month's ago - one month after surgery (I drove!). I flew back for my post-op visits. I do need to find a good ENT locally though... would you recommend either of them? I'm sure I'll be going for another Stapedectomy down the road - though hoping it's far down the road! My unoperated ear is... (352 replies)
... Hey Monica, I just realized you are in Dallas TX too. Dr. Robert (Bob) Owens did both of mine. Dr. Roland is the other leading surgeon for stapedectomy's in Dallas. Who did your surgery? (352 replies)
... I am almost 3 weeks out from my second stapedectomy. Before the surgery, I had to set my phone down & put it on speaker to take notes when talking on the phone. A friend even bought me a handsfree phone so I wouldn't have to use speakerphone when we talked. She said it sounded like I was in a barrel. The stereo headphones were, of course, useless on my left ear. Last week... (352 replies)
... RE: the pregnancy question... I was dx'd in my early twenties and knew I was going to have another baby and my doc told me to hold off on the stapedectomy... the hormone surge in pregnancy can speed up ototsclerosis. But, the doctor i have now said it's not like something grows on the bone...visually, stapes with otosclerosis dont look much different, they just dont... (352 replies)
... I am having a stapedectomy on my left ear Friday. ... (352 replies)
... Hey everyone! I go for my stapedectomy on Wednesday. I am really scared because I have never had any surgery before, even oral surgery. ... (352 replies)
... Just recovering from a stapedectomy which was done yesterday morning. Was expecting to be kept in overnight, but got out last night as I was doing ok and not too dizzy. ... (352 replies)
... Topshotta...good luck to you! i'm sure you'll do great! For me: 5 weeks post op I dont really have much of an update. I talked to my ent a few days ago, I'm getting a CT scan on the temporal bones. He suspects the prosthesis slipped so this will confirm it. He says if that's the case, it's fixable, but I'd need to go through the surgery again. What a PITA! I've... (352 replies)
... I'm having a stapedectomy done this upcoming Monday. ... (352 replies)
... My first stapedectomy was four days ago. ... (352 replies)
... I am a 52 year old male and had a stapedectomy on my left ear approximately 5 weeks ago. ... (352 replies)
... Hi everyone, thought would chime in and give my story too. :wave: I too have just had my 2nd stapedectomy. This time to fix my left ear. I had the right one done back in '99. The first operation went very well and restored my hearing quite a bit. I went in on March 19th and Dr. said that everything went well. Surgery took about 90 minutes, but the doctor said it was... (352 replies)
... Hi everyone. I had my stapedectomy a week ago (friday march 16th). Believe it or not, this is my fourth operation. And I have to say, I wish something like this forum had existed when I went through this the first time in 1990 (or even before my recent operation). It's wonderful that this forum exists. I read back to all of the older closed threads on this topic and I want to... (352 replies)
... I had a stapedectomy in 2000 and while it did help I've noticed this past year that my hearing has gotten REALLY bad again and I've had a few ear infections and drainage, etc... ... (352 replies)

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