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... I have been reading this board ever since I found out I needed a stapedectomy. Long story short, I found out that I had otosclerosis when I was 18, just now having the surgery at 35. I have some nerve damage so I will still need hearing aids in both ears. I had the statedectomy yesterday and I have the normal side effects (dizziness, metal taste) but I noticed that I have... (1 replies)
... Mspgh Great to hear, pretty soon you will almost forget how it was before surgery. My adverse reaction to loud sounds are slowly receeding. Hope yours will also. Congrats on "normal up to 8K" "Dr "B" is a "Rock Star" :) and "The Lippy Clinic rocks too" At 72 I can still express young feelings ;) Ashton11 (33 replies)
... Physically I feel pretty good, all the post op side effects are basically gone and all of my restrictions have been lifted. ... (33 replies)

... begin by thanking everyone for their postings. This board is a treasure trove of information and inspiration and has placed my mind at ease many a time since my stapedectomy surgery on June 7, 2011. I was curious of the cost incurred by others for this surgery. ... (13 replies)
... (6 replies)
... general anesthesia and the surgery was a success. I had no major issues after the surgery. I had a problem with my taste for a few days. I have not had any other side effects, no major pain to report. I did not even have to take the prescribed pain medication. ... (6 replies)
... Lisa- I have seen Dr. Shea a total of 4 times including the intitial appointment, all of the labs and hearing tests, the surgeries, and post-surgical follow ups. I will go and see him for a fifth and final time in January to follow up on my recent surgery. He's nothing short of a miracle worker. Someone on his staff told me that he's performed 40,000 plus procedures. ... (40 replies)
... of the procedures are succesfull. The side effects can be bothersome but only for a while. Weigh the results of hearing again for a lifetime versus just a few days of side effects. ... (37 replies)
... reds of articles, posts, etc and all of them say that it takes anywhere from 2 weeks for 6 months for your hearing to stabilize after surgery and all the strange side effects to go away. ... (352 replies)
... Then I will have packing removed and 1st post hearing test completed. Today, very little discomfort or side effects. I have yet to take any pain meds and the balance issues are all gone. ... (6 replies)
... The side effects that I'm experiencing or have experienced so far is the extreme equilibrium and balace offset. It was like I was in an old V8 commercial walking to one side... ... (6 replies)
... To my surprise the right ear was almost as good as the left ear and none of the side effects that I had mentioned the previous day were present. The ear doesn't feel as stuffy but I feel the gel moving from side to side inside the ear. ... (173 replies)
... (41 replies)
... Hi everyone, hope you can answer my questions. I'm scheduled to have surgery Feb 10th 2011 (a Thursday morning). I am a college student who will need to be back in class on Monday morning, so I have the weekend to rest at home. Will this be enough time? Also, do you think I will be able to drive the 2.5 hours from my home to college Sunday afternoon? I will have to... (41 replies)
... All of the nasty side effects I've had, I'm still dizzy, weak and my ears blocked. I don't hear near anything on my operated side yet, other than the motorboat thats been installed in my head instead. ... (51 replies)
... Helgadog, Those are all of the same issues/coping mechanisms I had! I can definitely identify with your frustrations. I am 5 weeks post-op and my only complaint is that I didn't have it done sooner! In fact, a co-worker recently told me I seem happier now that I can hear. I rarely have to ask people to repeat themselves, and I no longer have to "nod hopefully" during... (173 replies)
... I am one day ahead of you in recovering. I'm sorry to hear that you've been so dizzy. I went under on Wednesday and have felt pretty good thusfar. Really mild side effects. I was sore the day after in my shoulders and neck too. ... (173 replies)
... Hi, It's no fun is it... the waiting game. I kept reading about people back to work after a few weeks with little side effects thinking uh-oh that's not me. I had 6 months off in the end I couldn't work for 3 truly. Noisy environments we're awful as I was saying. My friends dad wore ear muffs for weeks because he was so sensitive. My head was totally mixed up with... (10 replies)
... 6 months post op and I still have loss of taste. Also when my operated ear faces a wall or car door I experience an echo that is very annoying. Have a feeling of clogging (like having water in my ear) much of the time. luckily horrible, horrible vertigo went away after several weeks. Yes I can hear well out of my ear now but don't think it was worth the side effects (3 replies)
... Hi Diane, I want to stress to you that my results were NOT typical for this procedure. My surgery was not successful. My hearing is now worse than it was before, and I've developed a multitude of side effects, both from the post-op medications that I took (Prednisone and Ciprodex) and from the surgery itself. I've just learned that I have also developed a pituitary... (19 replies)

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