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... Thank goodness I did not suffer any side effects other than some mild lightheadedness which has gone. My hearing has not improved at all since the packing was removed. ... (5 replies)
... Thinking back, each ear was so different after surgery in so many ways, side effects, result timeline, so forth. I can imagine that no standard exists for how one may progress and experience the results of surgery. ... (33 replies)
... First let me say what I am about to write is my experience only and my understanding on the subject. I am not a professional and take the information as such. If your otosclerosis is not very bad yet, you may not have the possibility of the large improvements like I did, although that is only a guess on my part. Mine was pretty bad I think. The first surgery I had... (12 replies)

... So a couple questions if you don't mind... What where the side effects and recovery time like? ... (12 replies)
... I had the surgery to fix damage from a fall, I'm 47. In my case it was, well, not 100% successful but again mine was damage repair and not for otosclerosis. As for the balance issue, I have had zero balance issues since my surgery. The first day or two I was a little unsteady on my feet, but I was back at my desk job 4 days post-op, shopping at the grocery store on day 5. Some... (8 replies)
... She ice skates and is worried about balance after the surgery. She also plays violin and is worried about the music sounding different. The recovery time and the side effects from surgery is also a concern. Does anyone have any advice? ... (8 replies)
... had all the side effects. bad vertigo for weeks real bad. ... (51 replies)
... Hi Everyone, My experience is typical it would seem too. My op was a month ago today 09/28/10 so now I'm post all the side effects (had 'em all) and enjoying the results. I've yet to read of a perfect result, what it seems from here most people have good gains but a bit muffled and that me, but only a month so far I hasen to add. My consultant did said by now thats pretty... (49 replies)
... yes take good care of yourself especially dont lift anything heavy dont push hard in my case it was perfect right after the surgery but somehting went wrong now and I am back to my initial hering situation doctors will decide what next now but I strongly recommend to take it really easy afterwards Br Bilgen (49 replies)
... I'm delighted to say the side effects are reducing. ... (51 replies)
... Hello Bossio, How is your hearing now ? I had the surgery done (stapedotomy) to my left ear on Sept 10th. I too had no side-effects...slight dizziness for the first two days and that's all..everything was pretty loud for the first couple of days and the "loudness" disappeared...I called the doc and he said its because of the blood clotting and once he removes the... (51 replies)
... I'VE HAD MY left ear SURGERY ON aUGUST 31ST, NO SIDE EFFECTS, NO PAIN, NO NAUSEA, NO DIZZINESS, 7 days later the packing was removed and I heard everything like it was coming from a big amplifier, lots of sounds but low quality, now I am 3 days later and the super hearing went away and I'm not better than before the surgery but I understand that about 30 days or more is... (51 replies)
... Just as you described, had more side effects than expected and the dizziness has become worse. ... (101 replies)
... ness feeling. Can never really tell with these things, but i figure it can't hurt. It's a natural remedy for inflammation and Otitis. So it can only help with no side effects. ... (101 replies)
... So yesterday I was getting a bit stir crazy at my friend's place and decided to drive home (5 min drive) for a bit. My left to right looking doesn't make me dizzy, it's more of the moving my head up and down that does, but it's not too bad overall. Thankfully I don't have TOO major of the side effects happening to me (just yet, knocking on wood) although I bit numb feeling... (101 replies)
... all inside my head and a VERY subtle odd taste in the back of my mouth. After reading all of the posts on this awesome site, I've pretty much been ok with these side effects. ... (101 replies)
... I think my worst side effects were from the general anesthesia wearing off and not the ear operation itself. ... (21 replies)
... In terms of other side effects, the front of my tongue tastes completely of metal. That's actually pretty crummy, and I suspect I shall drop some weight because of it. ... (4 replies)
... arch as I should have before the surgery so I didnt know there were different ways of doing it. But overall it has been pretty painless so I can't complain about side effects. We'll see how well the surgery worked in a few weeks. ... (30 replies)
... The antibiotc gives me some side effects but the main feeling of discord is the lack of coordination and an overall feeling of balance. ... (49 replies)

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