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... just one of those side effects they tend not to warn you my funky toungue. ... (1 replies)
... The first week after surgery i thought the same way as you did about the depression associated with the side effects. ... (37 replies)
... ok ive gone through all of this dizziness, side effects, lets have some hearing already! ... (37 replies)

... I'm also 7 days out and I had the outer gel removed from my ear today, and I still feel very stuffed up as you do. I guess that's because the inner gel behind my ear drum is still there, and it will take a few weeks to dissolve. So you're not the only one, and here's hoping for both of us that when the gel dissolves our hearing opens up. Good luck! (64 replies)
... I am seven days out from the surgery and still waiting for my hearing to improve. I have had very few side effects, no dizzyness, no pain, and as a result keep on forgetting to take it easy as instructed. My ear just feels blocked up. Is this normal? ... (64 replies)
... I would bet that we see more and more men getting this done in the future. Years ago, if you had hearing loss, you slapped an aid on your ear and lived with the side effects. Now that the surgery is so successful and less dibilitating, I think hearing aids will be a last resort. ... (96 replies)
... I would call your doctor - but I'd also say count your blessings. My doctor said he's had patients that were like nothing happened the next day - others like me - that take 2-3 weeks or more to feel half way normal - so it's likely nothing to worry about. You may just be fortunate to be one of those that has few side effects of surgery - Good for you! But for peace of mind,... (96 replies)
... Tammy - I think we all had the concerns about the potential risks of the surgery prior. My doctors almost scared me away with all the talk of what could happen, but they were just doing their job to make sure I understood there are risks. That said, I had a good doctor. We talked about how many of these surgeries he had performed and how many had different side effects... (173 replies)
... Sounds like you got some of the worse of the potential surgery side effects. ... (173 replies)
... There are quite a few side effects that i'm dealing with but I'll take them to be able to hear. I stay on these for a week then taper off. If I clog back up, then I will have to stay on em. ... (352 replies)
... I healed perfect after my surgery with only the usual side effects. My hearing was perfect up until about 3 weeks ago. ... (0 replies)
... Well, I'm 2 months post-op and I go in tomorrow to get my other ear done. I'm not nervous like I was the last time, but I'm still not excited for the recovery. I'm hearing great with my operated ear and am optimistic about this second operation. I haven't had many side-effects, just ringing in the operated ear. (352 replies)
... Anyway, I am deeply encouraged, but still scared about side effects. Quick poll, how long did you all have to wait to go back to work? ... (352 replies)
... Hi All, Well I wrote on the 18th that the dizzy spells were gone. Wrong! The last 4 days i've been having bad dizzy spell and bad headaches. The only way to feel better is just to go to sleep. I hope this passes soon. The metallic taste is also changing it's pattern. It's not always present like it was before, but when it's stronger. I keep spitting to try... (352 replies)
... months out of your life. Properly put into perspective, that's nothing. There are about 15 phases, issues, side effects, etc you may or may not go through during those months BUT...the end result should make you extrememly happy. ... (352 replies)
... r in the ear for a month. My doc even said that it's possible to do the right ear as early as March. We'll see. I've read stories where some people still have side effects for up to 6 months. When all mine are gone...we'll start over again. ... (352 replies)
... g patient is the hardest part. The only medication I am still taking is antibiotic ear drops. I took vicadin for about 10 days to help with the pain, and without side effects. Now other than pain medications or something to keep my nose clear, I take only the drops. ... (352 replies)
... That was 6 years ago and I continue to suffer. I don't mind the hearing loss, it's all of the other side effects fro th surgery that make like miserable for me...... ... (5 replies)
Feb 15, 2004
... I just had a stapedectomy a few weeks ago. I had the same reservations as you currently do. I am happy to report that so far all has gone well. It has changed my life. ... (177 replies)
Feb 15, 2004
... informative. I brought a huge long list of questions and he let me ask all of them....very patient!! Then I saw the actual surgeon who would be performing the stapedectomy and he talked to me for while also. ... (177 replies)

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