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... Have any readers with a stapes prosthesis had an MRI? ... (4 replies)
... ies attempted to measure the force the wire might provide which would be quite simple to find out in experiment. However, one study did look for heating in metal stapes prostheses but found none. ... (4 replies)
... He did a battery of tests and said based on the results and the way the eardrum looked, etc., that the prosthesis had to have slipped out of place. It's not an ET problem. ... (173 replies)

... re Osteoporosis. So I am being told that an operation would correct the hearing loss, and I would be able to continue taking the drug. The surgeon would put in a stapes prosthesis, so that I can continue to have some hearing. Thanks for any input. ... (4 replies)
... Hi All, well I went through the machine on Tuesday. I was anticpating hearing something if the wire vibrated a little however the machine was so noisy it was hard to know. I was even given ear plugs. Cheers David (4 replies)
... HI I have had 2 MRI's on my neck, I also had a stapedectomy due to otosclerosis in 1996. I am not sure what metal was used (I just know that I have a piston in my ear), and to be I guess ignorant is nice. I honestly NEVER even thought about it. I informed them that I had it, but it was never discussed after that.... :eek: I figured that it must not be a problem. I know they... (4 replies)
... David, I have been trying FOR YEARS to get that information. NOBODY will commit to an answer. Doctor says ask ototogist, otologist says ask MRI lab, MRI lab says ask doctor. Now I have a STENT to worry about too. I've never had an MRI but in this day and age, I know it's just a matter of time. I'd rather NOT wind up with two holes in my head and one in my chest! :D ... (4 replies)
Change in hearing
Feb 11, 2003
... again, off again hearing restoration indicates a partial failure in the connection between stapes prosthesis and incus or pros. and cochlear window... ... (8 replies)
... op did about it being a stapes issue only. ... (173 replies)
... and none were readily available in Texas at the time. So the doctor went ahead and used part of my stapes and extended the prosthesis. There is very good evidence that too short of a prosthesis was used on my left ear and the reason for a possible revision. ... (20 replies)
... of 78 revision stapedotomies, determining the causes of failure and the predictors of surgical success. it was found that the most common causes of failure were prosthesis displacement, incus necrosis, and oval window fibrosis. ... (30 replies)
... reported no real noticable hearing changes until about the 4 week point, some reported immediate changes. With either the removal of or modification made to the stapes bone to allow placement of the prosthesis you would hear if it was not working. ... (173 replies)
... on you can't hear anything at all, even the tiniest sound like you could before surgery is....before there was no swelling and what little "wiggle" function your stapes bone had left would allow you to at least hear SOMETHING, not much, but something. ... (352 replies)
... the stapes was fine. He removed the stapes and the diseased incus, and connected a prosthesis directly to the malleus and footplate. It'll be touch and go as to how well this works in the long run. ... (352 replies)
... and so they had to use a slightly longer prosthesis than anticipated. Anyone ever have that? ... (2 replies)
... th a local and conscious sedation, I was more comfortable with general so that what we did. I'm glad we opted for that. When he went in, he found the prosthetic stapes completely unattached and not even in my middle ear. It was resting against my ear drum with scar tissue surrounding it. ... (4 replies)
... my ear and found out that all 3 bones needed to be replaced and not just the Stapes. He said he was always prepared for those conditions and that he would have prosthesis ready to go for that situation. ... (101 replies)
... ointment to go see him and am incredibly relieved that I did! My new doc was determined to get to the bottom of why the first two had failed and assumed that the prosthesis had become detached. He was absolutely correct and found out that not only was the prosthesis floating around in my ear, but the stapes bone was still intact! ... (64 replies)
... knee. I also have the two prosthesis from both stapedectomys. I called the knee doc and he sent me info on what he put in my leg. ... (352 replies)
Apr 25, 2002
... I had a stapedectomy in 1976, and a HOUSE WIRE LOOP PROSTHESIS was used to replace my stapes bone. ... (0 replies)

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