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... I'm wondering if anyone else has had no strange symptoms after a stapedectomy? ... (96 replies)
... first say Thank You to all those who posted their experiences here, as they help me prepare for my Stapedectomy. I will post this here and on the main board, My Stapedectomy also. ... (96 replies)
... m from Los Angeles and I just had my stapedectomy surgery... ... (96 replies)

... I wanted to add that I also have nerve hearing loss and the stapedectomy has improved my hearing almost as much as it possibly can. ... (96 replies)
... I had my left ear done on April 22 - Laser Stapedectomy with vein graft- and had instant hearing....heard the patient 2 rooms down getting his discharge directions post op! I was adjusting quite well to my new hearing level until a few days ago when things got even louder! Now I get some vibrations when sounds are loud. Is this something you have noticed? I had my right ear... (96 replies)
... er your ear. I just used it last night for the first time in awhile. I did not start sleeping without it on my first operated ear until at least a month or so after surgery and then it felt weird and uncomfortable, almost like I could feel the prosthetic inside my ear.... ... (96 replies)
... was talking with my two little boys and not having to ask them to repeat everything or respond with hand signals. I feel so lucky to hear and have so few adverse symptoms and hope this lasts. The euphoria may be enhanced by all my fears over the weekend that I might have undone my surgery by overextending myself. ... (96 replies)
... Psalty, don't these people make you feel like it is a common procedure? I am glad that we all can benefit from their experiences. I too am glad I found it. I hope you continue to do well, but don't over do it. Good luck! I have a question for anyone who can advise me on this, and even if it is more than one person, I'd like as much input as possible. I work at a school and... (96 replies)
... mptoms. I sat around the house for two days doing nothing and on the third day went out to water my garden and became so dizzy I had to lie down. But that passed after an hour or so and since then I have been driving, working at my computer, walking and doing light house work such as laundry. ... (96 replies)
... min after surgery. took meds felt better. ate some hospital food and felt good as new....I got dressed and could have walked out the hospital but was wheeled out... ... (96 replies)
... Hey guys, I'm still here! I have had the most insane few days I think I have ever had in my life! I'll go ahead and bore you with the details ;) I have been mostly a stay-at-home mom since my 4 year old son was born and with the gift of hearing I have been thinking a great deal about what I want to do about returning to the workforce. (Hearing is not why I left the... (96 replies)
... my symptoms seemed the same as yours but the doctors assured me that it was a gradual increase and i would notice it over time. When the packing was taken out after 5 weeks, i notices a little improvement like being able to hear the alarm clock which i had never heard before but not enough to not wear my aid. ... (96 replies)
... I agree with you about giving it time. My doctor had said that it'll take a couple weeks after the vacuum to notice the hearing is at it's peak. ... (96 replies)
... had all of those things you listed. Just yesterday I had a crackling sound like a speaker would make when it's broken. It went away though soon after it started. Today I went to the store with my husband and three of my boys but I think I out did myself. ... (96 replies)
... busy around here! I still haven't had anything going on in my ear. At my appt, my dr cleaned out my ear, I think it may have actually been the vac...not sure. After that I had a hearing test. ... (96 replies)
... Why my doctor is having me come back to remove the packing after 3 weeks!! ... (96 replies)
... Yes, I went back to all my activities after the first surgery. I was fitted with ear plugs for watersports like waterskiiing and tubing and wore those the first summer. I asked my Dr. ... (96 replies)
... do that someday. The boney growth does try to sneak back in, but my hearing in the right ear is still very good after 12 years. ... (96 replies)
... Also, concerning the topic of this discussion, "No sympthoms after surgery" I thought in my case it was the top notch surgeron I had. ... (96 replies)
... e only one playing with the kids. I feel guilty when I do like I'm going to knock the prosthetic loose or something close to that. You have to wait for 3 weeks after the surgery bf you get to see your doc! That would drive me crazy not knowing anything for 3 weeks. ... (96 replies)

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