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... o pick up a shower cap anywhere really, Walmart, Walgreens I would think. I did have my husband gently scrub the yucky stuff from behind my ear the first shower after surgery while I held the cup over all the other things on my ear. ... (96 replies)
... I just had mine today on my left ear and I have no symptoms either. It's still the first day but I expected to be laid out and nauseus. ... (96 replies)
... ue to nerve loss. Nothing can change that, and I am light years ahead of where I used to be. There is nothing in the world like not wearing hearing aids at all after wearing them before. ... (96 replies)

... out of his car seat after a few weeks. It did not do any harm. Just watch the pressure in your head. ... (96 replies)
... weeks after surgery. My packing was disolvable, so the only thing he did at one week was to remove a few loose pieces. I had a laser stap with vein. ... (96 replies)
... ere at. I wondered if you had bad results and didnt want to discuss them or something. I was actually told by an audiologist that I still may need hearing aids after the surgery if the surgery doesn't correct it as much as would make me live comfortably. ... (96 replies)
... actually noticed it when I was pregnant with my fourth. I told my husband it's a sign not to have any more. I can't take anything else going wrong with me. So, after your first surgery healed did you go back to doing everthing you did before. ... (96 replies)
... Hi Bob, Great new! You are getting there! I am still holding out for you to hear the sound of the shower or rain falling-maybe this weekend! On the hissing, cracking was getting really bad for me over the past week. I had a meeting yesterday afternoon and left with a major headache from the noise! This morning I woke up with no hissing or popping at all!... (96 replies)
... Happy Bob's back :-) My ear have been open most of the day. I can hear low tones pretty well. If I block my good ear there isn't much change in the sound of low tones. Which means the both ears are hearing about the same on low tones. High tones totally disappear, but I think we are making progress. The ear doesn't feel as stuffy as it has been. I'm looking forward to... (96 replies)
... My card says Implant Card (in like 5 languages) and has a sticker with my name and DOB then in the inside it says that my implant is titanium 4.25 mm long and .06 width. I would think since it's so small you don't need it but it's nice to have it in case. Not like I'll be flying ever because now I'm scared of popping the implant. Kristin- I have two aunts and my grandma... (96 replies)
... pretty clear, it's just not very loud yet. Hopeing that the rest of this week, this weekend, maybe the first of next week things will break loose hearing wise. After all, it hasn't even been 3 weeks yet, so patience. ... (96 replies)
... Hi Kendra, I will ask my doctor at my next follow-up about the card. Would not want to get stopped for an airport search for that! How is your recovery going? I am on day 23. I have only seen my doctor one wekk post op. I go back on May 27. Do not know if he will do a hearing test or not. I also asked you have any other family members with... (96 replies)
... rd that is from the manufacturer that shows the size and what the prosthetic is made from. My doctor gave it to my husband while I was recovering from anethesia after the surgery. ... (96 replies)
... Hi guys, I think what both of you are experiencing sounds normal. It's so hard not to get frustrated by the day-to-day differences. Bob, is there a chance that the vacuum process made for a bit more swelling? I'm not familiar with getting packing vacuumed out, but it would seem to me to involve a little trauma to the eardrum? Kendra...Glad you got the go-ahead to pick... (96 replies)
... second day after vaccuuming. Woke up this morning with a full, kinda clogged up feeling in my ear. Hearing very muffled. ... (96 replies)
... I did have tinnitus before my surgeries. It did get worse after my first surgery, but now that I think about it I really don't notice it anymore. ... (96 replies)
... extremely well last night. Slept thru the entire night for the first time since the surgery. Felt great when I woke up this morning. My ear feels really good after my visit to the Dr yesterday to vaccuum out the packing. The hearing is very pronuce. ... (96 replies)
... Zak799 Welcome! I surely hope this revision is all that you need. Let us know how tomorrow goes and keep us posted on your recovery. e022 You are so positive. I guess I tend to focus on all the negative that I've read on these posts. It appears that there is more negative than positive. Would you agree? Even after the good results I've had so far, it's not even... (96 replies)
... I don't have packing. I go back 3 weeks after surgery and for a few days before that I use prescribed ear drops to loosen up any dried up gunk still hanging around in there, and then the dr cleans it out. ... (96 replies)
... Kendra, my Dr said I could go back to work after 4 days, as I work in a office on a computer. You mentioned your taste coming back, that's another thing I don't have any symtoms of. ... (96 replies)

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