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... and left side. I prefer to sleep on my stomch and OP ear. Not sure when we can start sleeping on the OP ear again, but I would guess at least a couple of weeks after the OP. ... (96 replies)
... gboyz..The ringing in my ear was louder for awhile after surgery. It did calm down, so hopefully you have that to look forward to! ... (96 replies)
... gboyz...Thanks for checking on me! I did call the dr and they said it's not uncommon to be doing this well after surgery and that they would see me in a couple of weeks! ... (96 replies)

... my right ear. i went to see an audiologist and was told that i had otosclerosis. i did not want to wear a hearing aid for the job being only 33, so i opted for a stapedectomy because of the success rate. ... (17 replies)
... thought I would drop you a line to see how things have progressed since your last surgery. I hate to hear of this one unsuccessful testimonial in my twelve years after surgery. I had my left ear done then and was very impressed and relatively shy of any negative issues. ... (6 replies)
... Hey Joshysgirl & Jonno Joshysgirl, sorry to hear you've had a problem with your revision surgery. It just isn't fair that you got so close to a good result then it was all taken away. I've become a bit skeptical about stapedectomy's, my complications have been a nightmare & I can't stop thinking "if only I didn't have it done". But I guess if my surgery was successful I... (51 replies)
... My stapedectomy was done on the right ear 01 December 2010. Full details are available on my previous posts. ... (17 replies)
... but I appear to have lost all hearing in my operated ear. All my other symptoms seem typical when I read the "my stapedectomy report" thread. But I wonder about the hearing loss and if there is any hope for recovery. ... (6 replies)
... It was on a printed page giving different instructions for after discharge, not personal. ... (39 replies)
... weeks ago and am still experiencing horrible vertigo. For my follow up visit, my husband needed to take me in a wheelchair because I couldn't walk! After a few days of feeling a little better, my symptoms are as bad as they ever were. The doctor gave me a new prescription and assured me that I would feel better. ... (4 replies)
... I had my procedure on the 2d of Feb. I think I was feeling a little cocky because I had NONE of the symptoms others described. A bit of vertigo on the 2d and 3d day, but that was it. I had no nausea, no vomitting, no pain. Here's the thing though. ... (17 replies)
... hi guys. thanks for sharing all your experiences and i sympathize with all of you as i am going thru the same ordeal. i had my stapedectomy done on my right ear on 12/13/10. the procedure went well as i could still hear on the operated ear and i was doing fine the until the 4th post op day when the vertigo set in and my hearing seemed to get progressively worse. the next few... (17 replies)
... Hi, not sure whether this thread is still active. I have a few questions for anyone out there who's had stapedectomy surgery. ... (51 replies)
... UGH TMJ...I am experiencing that right now. OUCH! I have it so bad that I was so worried after my surgery that one pop of my jaw would pop the piston....scary. I am now dealing with tooth discomfort and also ear discomfort wihich my dr. ... (8 replies)
... How are things with either of you? After 3 weeks I still have too much vertigo to leave the house, even walk steps. My doctor said that I need time to recover and to be patient. Did time help your symptoms? If so, how much time? I spend most of my time in bed and do not want to develop depression also. I will appreciate anything you can tell me. (4 replies)
... My right ear was the operated one . My post op symptoms and anxiety were exactly the same. Have a look at my posts. Oh the vertigo..... ... (51 replies)
... (5 replies)
... I am much better. It took approximately 3 weeks for all the unusual symptoms to clear. I will be going for my post op hearing test in 2 weeks. However, I am sure that my hearing is much better than it was before surgery. ... (5 replies)
... Nonetheless I suppose it can't hurt. I will definitely remember this for the times I have cold like symptoms and have to use air travel. ... (39 replies)
... Hi. I am new here and am searching for anyone who might be experiencing similar symptoms to me following my staedectomy 4 weeks ago. ... (0 replies)

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